Nostalgic: Night of the Comet

Posted by Cory Casciato On March - 6 - 2009

nightofthecometIn Night of the Comet a mysterious comet reduces nearly all of the planet’s population to a fine, red dust. Many of the survivors are turned into crazed zombies who chase and try to eat the unchanged. And there’s some mad scientists who want to use the unaffected to create a cure and save themselves. Facing off against these evil scientists are two sisters (one a cheerleader, of course) and a truck driver who will look familiar to fans of Star Trek: Voyager. It’s fairly lightweight and pretty dumb, but it’s also a lot of fun. The zombie makeup was excellent, but there are not nearly enough zombies in the film.

I have to admit to a fair bit of nostalgia for this movie. I must have watched it a dozen times as a kid, thanks to the miracle of cable TV. It’s clearly influenced by Romero, but it isn’t really a zombie movie — more like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie with a few zombies thrown in. Still, some of my adult fascination with zombies has to stem from the deep imprint this movie left on me as an adolescent.  And hey, zombies + apocalypse + ’80s = a good time in my book! If I didn’t have the nostalgia, this would probably warrant a lukewarm positive response. But I do, so I really enjoyed it.

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  1. Biddie says:

    I LOVE this movie, too. Not sure why, maybe for all of the same reasons that you do, but it remains one of my favs.

  2. […] actually something else. Some just don’t feature enough zombies to be a zombie movie (say, Night of the Comet) and are simply movies with zombies in them — a subtle difference, but worth noting. Others […]

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