The zombie dream

Posted by Cory Casciato On March - 16 - 2009

dreamimgI had the zombie dream last night, and that seems as good a reason as any to address it here on the site. See, I’ve been having variations on the same zombie dream on and off for close to fifteen years now. I’m fairly certain it started shortly after I saw Dawn of the Dead, which was shortly before I turned twenty. It’s something I’ve discovered is remarkably common among my male friends, especially (but not exclusively) those who are deeply interested in zombies. I’m sure there are women that have the zombie dream, too, I just don’t know any of them.

The dream is usually some variation of the apocalyptic zombie scenario. Zombies run amok everywhere, and I am left alone, or nearly alone, to battle the undead hordes. These dreams are not nightmares, not for me at least. To the contrary, I find them both fascinating for their symbolism and entertaining for their sheer zombie awesomeness. Indeed, I have no doubt that they have played a major part in my obsession with all things zombie. For whatever reason, my brain has latched on to the image of the shambling, animated dead as a vehicle for any number of subconscious desires, fears and impulses.

In the dream, I am always fighting valiantly and unceasingly against the living dead, but there is always the grim certainty, just as in most zombie fiction, that eventually I will fall and be consumed. In my own analysis, I’ve determined that the zombies frequently play the part of inexorable external forces working against me. For example, while I was in college, I would have the dream with some frequency around the time of finals. I have also had it at tax time, before a big project at work is due, etc. At other times, the zombies themselves aren’t necessarily the focus, but simply acting as a foil for other impulses — for example, the last time before this most current time I had the dream, the main anxiety in it was about not being able to reach my daughter, who was on the other side of town during a major zombie outbreak.  Not coincidentally, this was right after she went to stay with her grandparents for a while. In other words, like many a filmmaker working genre Z, the zombies were but symbols of something else.

On the other hand, I occasionally have it at a time when I simply am thinking a lot about zombies. Last night, for example, I was thinking about them right before bed and actually hoping I’d have the dream. I was also trying out melatonin to see if it would aid my intermittent insomnia, and I’ve heard it can contribute to vivid dreams. In any case, I love the zombie dream and I hope I keep having it — honestly, the one thing that’s a bummer about immersing myself in zombie media is it tends to reduce the frequency of how often I dream zombies. If anyone cares to share, I’d love to hear about others’ zombie dreams, including what you think it might mean to you.

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  1. Biddie says:

    I have vampire dreams and they suck. Lol. Ok, bad pun, but they usually scare the pants off of me.
    I watched REC. It was better than Quarantine, which I saw first, at the theatre. Mind you, I really do not like the actress that was in Quarantine..What’s her name – from Emily Rose/Dexter fame.
    The 7 year old zombie was creepy, for sure. The wee vampire in 30 days Of Night creeped me out too.
    Not a bad movie, over all. Still like Dawn of Dead better…

  2. Cory Casciato says:

    Interesting. I’ve had one apocalyptic vampire dream (although there may have been more non-apocalyptic ones I don’t remember) but not any sort of recurring thing. I wonder if it’s a gender thing — men dream zombies, women dream vamps?

  3. Randlord says:

    I remember a dream I had when I was something like 8 years old where it involved Freddy Kreuger chasing me up a telephone poll. Just as i reach the top and he is right below me ready to swing his bladed fingers my way, a lightning bolt hits the telephone poll and then I wake up.

    ok not zombie or vamp related but…horrifying for me enough to remember it now that i’m almost 30.

    If Freddy got me in my dream would I still be here today?

    btw, anyone know where to get a copy of REC?

  4. Cory Casciato says:

    I’ve heard the Canadian Amazon has it and can ship to U.S. addresses, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve got a Canadian friend on the lookout for a copy for me.

  5. Jay Clarke says:

    (sigh) I wish I had zombie apocalypse dreams.

    @radford, REC was officially released on DVD domestically on Jan 27th, so you should be able to find it on Amazon at least.

  6. Jak says:

    I have the same dreams too, sometimes im killing lods of em then feel bad for what im doin then i will drive away in a car with friends or family and im driving then there will be a super zombie like in resident evil or something and i will be stuck somewhr, but the overwhelming sense of nothing is scary, fasinating and amazing. I had a dream there was a load of us running away from runnin zombies into a mall then i wonder off into a shop and the door locks for some reason and i ca see every one through the glass getting slaughtered and then they gang upo on my window and the dream ends.. Very scary but…, I LOVE THEM!

  7. Cory Casciato says:

    Jak, I have to admit that I love my zombie dreams too. I wouldn’t call them scary (for me, I mean) but they are often filled with a pervading sense of desperation and dread.

  8. Steve says:

    the zombie dream is a sign that zombies will come to your house during the apocalypse. you have three years and a few months to prepare, but every second counts. GET READY!!!

  9. Thestarwarsgeek says:

    Probably the zombie dream I could remember was a rather frighting scenario, I was 34 and my family has come to visit my son who had just just been attacked by some group of madmen, when we went into his room the doctor was preforming CPR because my sons heart rate had just massively dropped, but suddenly his heart rate returned to normal and we all were happy. the doctor did one just check, then my son grabbed his neck and started biting into it. I suddenly realized what was happening, my son had turned into one of the undead. My wife and I were told to follow the nurse, she gave both of us guns and bio hazard suits and told us we needed to get up to the top floor where they would evacuate everyone in the hospital when we got to the elevator they were even more undead, and swat teams were desperately trying to hold them back they told us to head up the elevator. we were able to get to the top floor were the helicopter was waiting, my wife and I got out alive, but our son and daughter were both dead. we thought how quickly could this virus spread if it only started with our son and a group of men… we soon found out that the virus had been spreading for months but the government had been hiding it from us.

    I had this dream when I was 14 and I still remember it, and it scares me to this day. Because even now a virus like this could be spreading to this day and we would be completely ignorant of it, and soon that one day could come when the undead strike us when we are unaware of it. I do very much enjoy my zombie dreams but still this one probably scared me the most

  10. Cory Casciato says:

    That’s pretty damn intense dream, man. Sounds like the hospital level in left 4 dead, kind of.

  11. DeeM says:

    I had an intense post apocalyptic zombie dream last night. In lieu of this, I googled the phrase this morning and found this site. I guess I did have some horror on the brain, (pun intended) but more subconsciously. (I’m a female)

  12. Melliza says:

    I actually just had a zombie outbreak dream that upon waking led me to research and to this website. my birthday is in a few days, could it mean that im stressed about it? Also, my mom was in it… And i dont live wih her which could mean that i miss her in some way?
    I am female and have never experienced any vampire kind dreams. Most of the time it is a recurring dream about zombies.

  13. Cory Casciato says:

    @DeeM Glad you found the site. Seems a lot of people find it this way. Maybe I should write more about the dreams; I’ve had a few more since I wrote this, including one very recently.

    @Melliza I wouldn’t be surprised at all if your zombie dreams were tied to the things you mentioned (missing your mom; birthday stress). Is your upcoming birthday a “milestone” one, such as 16, 18, 20, 21, 30? Those frequently have extra added stress associated with them. And in our dream, were you trying to get to your mom, or fleeing the zombies with her? That would fit your idea about missing her.

    Seems a lot of people are having the zombie dream recently. And it’s also interesting to hear that it isn’t just men who have the zombie dream … I just had too small a sample size. Thanks, Internet, for being such an awesome research tool!

  14. Eli says:

    I have had about 3 zombie dreams in the past mounth, but they are never each the same. I had one last night and i was with a group of 10 people that i knew, and there were also probly about 50 other people running around like crazy. me and my group were hiding outside in a forest with a open field right next to it. you know how dreams can be really weird? well i just happend to be strapped into a portable helicopter machine that let me fly. So i flew up really high, the sun was about to go down when all of the sudden my helicopter started to run out of gas. the highest i could fly was about 15ft in the air. everyone broke out screaming and runnning around in terror looking for some sort of shelter. everyone started to try to grab onto me but i though if i let them, then i would get closer to the ground so i kept flying. the helicopter was slowly running out of gas until i was walking on the ground. i could still use the machine to blow wind behind me and run faster. a zombie popped out of nowhere and the blades of the helicopter splattered the left side of his body to nothing. then i woke up. after zombie dreams i dont freak out and start panting, im not even scared. btw i am a male about 14 years old, hope this helps :)

  15. chris says:

    I’ve only had a handful of zombie dreams, i tend to have more of the malevolent alien takeover dreams, and normally I’m right there with everyone on fighting those dead mofos, but this dream had me spooked this morning, i just woke up maybe 20 minutes ago. My dream started with us, “my current roomates,” getting a new place outside of the city, we decided to throw a rager. Soon after the first dozen people show up, I and the partygoers see people getting picked off and dismembered mid-day probably 200-300 yds away in the back yard. This continues, and eventually snowballs into fast, weaponized zombies hell bent on killing everyone. I decide to lock all the doors, head up to my bedroom, which is a dreamworld bizzaro version of my current room and fall asleep to some tv. Maybe by morning things will start to be taken care of. The last thing i remember was a dog barking, then whimpering for a second just before it was obviously killed. It was the worst mixture of Fallout 3, Dead Snow, and moving anxiety possible. I just like being in the role of badass zombie killer, not petrified coward.

  16. Jenia says:

    i have been having reoccuring zombie dreams for almost a year now. i have them about 2-4 times a week. some nights i have as many as 5 zombie dreams. i remember them all the next morning. as a child i played video games like resident evil and parasite eve and such games and was estatic when the resident evil movies came out. i have them all and i love them. but with the number and intensity of these dreams increasing im begining to wonder if i have some psychological problem. my son stayed the night with his grandma last night so i woke up alone after have an unsual zombie dream, and i felt wierd, it seemed the world was too quite. i live down in the woods and my pet wolf was barking at the woods, which he doesnt do unless something is there, i walked outside and the wind just felt eerie. i went back in and my news channels were not coming in, so i turned my radio on and nope the end of the world was not here. im paranoid the zombie dreams will come true and i wont be prepared. Normally in my dreams i am home with my son and my daughter (im 4 months pregnant and dont know what im having yet) but in my dream it is a toddler girl. For some reason i have time to set up really tall barbed wire fence before the zombies get to me. i live with my mom but she is never in my dreams. just me and my children. in some dreams the cell phones and internet still work and i am sometimes able to contact my boyfriend. Sometimes he is able to make it and sometimes he gets turned into a zombie right as he gets here. Some dreams i section him off with fence so he is alone and i do experiments to see if i can change him back, and when i do i only enhance him and he crawls over the fence and eats us and sometimes he remembers who we are. sometimes the army is active and the air drop me supplies and food and rolls of fence to reinforce my place. when a dream comes to an end, it only starts over with different variations. im not really afraid of them, just a panicky feeling. i worry i will not be able to keep my kids safe

  17. Heather says:

    SO I too have been having zombie dreams for soooo long.

    I never get eaten ALL the way by them. But its always Zombie humans, Zombie animals, giant (20 foot long) zombie rats that have tentacles that come out of their mouth… always something twisted and crazy. And it has been happening for so many years I can’t even place it anymore.

    So a few months ago, I told the guy I was dating about these dreams. They are so restless, I can never get good sleep if I have one, because you are constantly fighting the entire time you are asleep. He was disturbed after I told him, but about a week later he said he had a dream where the Zombies were after me, and he protected me and killed them all. Since then I haven’t had the dreams again… yet… but there is the weird part.

    EVERYDAY somewhere I see the word Zombie. No, not just now that its Halloween time, I mean EVERYDAY somewhere unexpected. Someone’s ringtone at a party was The Cranberries: Zombie. Its in the newspaper, on peoples Facebook pages, I overhear someone say it, even at the food store I saw a cheap DVD of Zombie classics. And I honestly have to say, I wish the dreams would just come back… this seeing a reference to Zombies everyday is really really not cool for my sanity.

  18. Heather says:

    Forgot to mention this… the other day I had a daytime vision about Zombies… determined that the reason they are always on my mind is because my Doppelganger is a Zombie! Not sure how valid that theory is, but wouldn’t it be crazy if everyone that dreams about Zombies had a Zombie Doppelganger!

  19. I’ve fallen behind commenting and thanking people for sharing their dreams, but rest assured, I love these comments and find them fascinating! I am looking for a dream analyst to comment on them for a follow-up post, so keep them coming!

  20. Joanna says:

    Oh man!!!! I was going nuts trying to figure out what it means to have zombie dreams. I have been having zombie dreams for years!!! I was always scared of the Night of the Living Dead movie and always feared that the dead would come and eat me. Now I always have dreams that I am running, or fighting zombies. I never get eaten which I guess its a good thing. They are always sooooo creepy though but I am getting use to them cuz they happen so often. Every week. last night I had a dream that I was in a hotel and I could look out the window and see all these zombies trying to get in the hotel. The funny thing about it is that this lil barbie doll was a zombie and came up to me trying to bite me but couldn’t because of her plastic lil teeth lol. Okay that part was not creepy. But for the most part its always a bloody scene and me trying to stay away from the infected and making sure that i don’t touch any blood in fear of being infected. I don’t watch lots of zombie movies but I have seen 28 days/weeks later and Dawn of the Dead and my dreams are similar to those. I feel my dreams are intense because I am always running or hiding. Hopefully someone will be able to give a little insight as to what these zombie dreams could mean.

  21. Ryan says:

    I have had too many of these damn nightmares! In every one of them the zombies are fast!!!!!Strong!!!!!! And smart. They sometimes get into my house,other times I don’t last a minute.They are horrifying!!!!! The scariest one was when my ragtag family borded up the home and all we had were pipes and bats to fend them off.There is no reason for them, at least not for me, i can fall asleep on good days, bad days, mondays, anydays!!!! No one survives, they kill everyone,everywhere. No matter how strongly armed you are! I saw the milatary get eaten alive in all my dreams,they get into tanks,boats,and helicopters have nowhere to land after day one! no enough bullets!

  22. dude, ive been having zombie dreams alot lately. it started with day of the dead. not even that sick of a movie but it got me to have intense dreams about zombies taking over the world and me and my friend nainoa running them over in a car and usually i wake up right when the zombies start to overtake us. but anyways the dreams are fuckin scary

  23. Bex says:

    yep, i’ve been having zombie dreams really frequently lately, also other apocalyptic dreams. somtimes i’m just fighting them off, sometimes i get turned into one,,always its that the whole world has been turned into zombies, there’s loads of them, they’re fast, brutal and relentless. there’s no where to go.

    for me i have to say that these dreams are really unpleasant, i wake up feeling traumatised and it takes me some time to feel ok again. for me though it kinda makes sense, i”ve been havin counselling since september for sum really traumatic stuff, and have been havin nightmares since.

  24. Erika says:

    I’m a 23 year old female, and I’ve been having zombie dreams for about a year now, about once every month or so. They are really intense dreams, and I’m always the only one who survives. In the dreams, I’m always with a huge group of people (sometimes I know them, others they are just strangers), and I try to direct them to a safe location, or try to get them to do something to keep them safe. There’s always a few people who try to rebel against me, and those who are absolutely petrified and can’t do anything, and they are always the first to die. Once others see that there’s some serious blood going on, they try to follow my direction, but one way or another, they aren’t strong enough to survive and are eaten.

    I wouldn’t say that I’m scared of these dreams–in fact, they are kind of cool in the sense that I wake up feeling a grim satisfaction at having survived another night–I kick some serious zombie ass in these dreams. But they are really intense, vivid, and unpleasant-in the dream I feel alarmed and mildly nervous–but I’m always able to get the job done.

    I’ve had two of these dreams within the past two weeks–increasing frequency for me, and for some reason, I feel a little nervous about it, like the dreams AND the zombies are chasing me. The only thing I can interpret from these dreams is that it might be related to my job–I’m a fast food manager and it is like an exercise in futility trying to get people to follow your direction! But for some reason when I think about my dreams like that, it feels like that’s not the reason why I’m having them. I did a search on zombie dreams and this is what came up. It was interesting to read about other zombie dreams. Thanks for sharing!

  25. geebus christ says:

    lets start off by saying, i love zombie movies, games, and books. i find them fascinating.

    not extremely often though, i have the apocalyptic zombie dream, it usually involves some people i know, and familiar faces. there’s usually some close calls too, but so far i have come out unscathed…
    my friends and family are not usually as lucky.
    the one i had this morning was scary as hell though!
    i don’t have time right now to write the whole dream, but one of my friends had turned into a zombie and he had his disgusting vile teeth on my arm, but my brother smashed his face in before he bit down!!! zombies everywhere….

    scary shit but cool as well!!

  26. geebus christ says:

    just stress??? what about my brother saving my butt? is it just my psyche reacting to the sense that there are things out there that are just out of our control? who knows, dreams are cool though…

  27. Dreems R Planted says:

    First off, I think zombie stuff is cheesy. Fascinates me at the thought of a whole intelligent population reduced to a mindless deadly hazard, though.
    Too many Zombie Dreams to count this year. Always intense, but I always feel like I know what to do and get it done.

    Many times my wife is with me and doesn’t agree with/follow my advice–I never see her die, but we ALWAYS get seperated when this happens.
    In last nite’s she was trying to help one of our friends wanderng outside (no zombies in sight right then) by telling him to come inside. I had told her not to, not to trust anyone in order to protect our children. Well, he entered our compound with a bloody board with a nail thru it and demanded our food. I did not see my wife again after that.
    Don’t mind the dreams, but I am always exhausted afterwards and in a daze the next day. Feeling like I have some kind of preparations to be making.
    ULF’s? Or subconsciously triggered?
    Coincidence that there are so many reports of this type of dream?

  28. Liz says:

    I dream about zombies often, and it’s always the same pattern in the dream: I start out in a large group feeling slightly lost and I come close to death several times. After this, there’s a bit of a blank period, and on the other side there are significantly fewer people yet I’m still fighting, and by then have found a place that is impenetrable to zombies while in possession of some pretty trusty weapons. Why that happens, I don’t know. The first time I started having these dreams, probably about 2 years ago, they scared me. But they also sparked my interest in zombies. Now, like you, I hope to have these dreams as they’re more exciting than frightening. There’s nothing going on in life right now that’s stressful or making me think I’m overwhelmed (as I’ve read can be the meaning behind zombie dreams) so I couldn’t tell you what relation these dreams have to my waking life other than the fact that I think zombies are really freaking cool. Although, the frequency of them is kind of starting to freak me out…

  29. Neb says:

    the problem with zombie dreams is the zombies 1. Eat You WTF? 2. Can pop out of nowhere and keep coming with infinite amounts 3. They get the ones you care about 4. Have no care if they are being shot at and just keep on truckin

    Sometimes the dreams are fun sometimes they just plain suck and wake you up in a startle. Im a guy and ive had a vampire dream, everybody was one and i was the last human, they made a promise not to attack me but then later betrayed me, dunt worry i killed the leader :) -Best zombie movies = Shawn of the Dead , Zombie land.. they are just plain funny- IVE BEEN ZOMBIE DREAM FREE FOR LIKE 2 YEARS :D but my 3. was the problem that always haunted me in the dreams

  30. mattd408 says:

    hey everyone, ive read all of the posts and everyone always survives, i survived the first couple of zombie dreams but in the last one of my dreams i woke up in my bed to screams and gunshots coming from my window. i try to grasp wat is happening and run thru my house to see my parents are gone along with their cars( how thoughtfull of them lol) so i gather up some supllys in the shitty backpack i have, grab my katana and try to go out the front door wich leads to alerting several zombies of my presense. i slam the door and run thru the backyard and thru my neigbors backyard into their street then slicing a couple skulls on the way, i try to find a car and get devoured by a mob of zombies then wake up sweating and breathing hard. that was the 5th dream ive had in to months and i turn 20 next month, i also play zombie games alottt and love dawn/shaun/land of the dead along with the 28days/weeks and hoping to see 28months soon. i recently watched zombie land, thought that was funny hope this helps thx

  31. Renae says:

    I’ve had loads of dreams where a small group of people and myself are isolated in some way… most often in an apocalyptic zombie world. There are about 3 or 4 settings I always dream about, and about 5 or 6 scenarios that are recurrent in my dreams. They’re always grim, but when I’m dreaming them I never really feel depressed, too busy trying to survive etc. It’s really weird. Most of the time we’re trying to complete some quest/mission/routine as part of surviving or saving the world. I don’t know what I feel about these dreams, I hate them because they always leave me feeling a little sad and empty after waking up, but then I’m fascinated by the clarity and intensity of the scenes. I’ve had them since I was young, about 6 or 7 after watching my friend’s elder brother play resident evil on playstation, but they were most common when I was around 16, I had them nearly ever week.
    The most bizarre thing that happened in one of the dreams though, I have to say, was when I was in this giant mansion looking for some key or something, and I found a wooden box. It was half filled with rice grains, and right in the center was a human ear. I instinctively knew it was my grandmother’s (who had been dead for several years by then) and that it was somehow the key to unlocking some unsolved mystery/project that would end the whole zombie virus or wtv.
    ….. That was just really disturbing for me for some reason.

  32. Vivix says:

    I’ve had quite a few zombie dreams, not surprising considering my bed-stand books are “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “World War Z” by Max Brooks. They are often quite cliche, I’m the heroine of the movie, saving my other less zombie knowledgeable comrades. I say cheesy things, “Everybody, follow me!” and of course “Shoot them in the head! Destroy the brain, or remove the head!” Yesterday evening I had my first zombie dream where I actually got eaten. It was terrifying, and I woke in a cold sweat. Needless to say, it reminded me to be vigilant for the inevitable zombie attack.

  33. fuzzly says:

    weird everytime I want to post this, your page disappears .. let’s try again ;)

    I’ve had two Zombie dreams til yet, and unintentionally found this page when I was looking for something related (as you mentioned, that’s how most ppl find this thread).
    Now, I’ve read a lot of what people posted here. And then thought about my own dreams. In the first one, I was at home. I just woke up in my room and knew, that something was about to happen and that I had to be prepared. I locked my door. Then, outsided I spotted Zombies, shortly afterward the msg got somehow send do all humans: Zombie Time Is There!!! So I climb out of my window, over the roof, to my housemate’s room, seeing how he’s doing. All’s fine. My door is locked, so we both crawl back to my place. Somehow there are some other people that joined us. Some FBI ppl appear later, when we are fleeing the overly crowded (with Zombies of course) house … In the SECOND dream, it was different. I’ve had a lot of odd dreams in about 2 weeks (including the first Zombie-dream). This second one was a combination of ALL those dreams. In this case we were living on some kind of coast, with a boat connecting us to a second coast. We had to move back and forth. So many people were in there, we actually lived normally since Zombies only attack for eating purposes in the morning and late afternoon. Constant possession of arms was guaranteed. Never use the boat to the second coast before checking it’s Zombie-free. We were a little community (in which people cheated on each other, were together, had sex, talked, had fun .. NORMAL life), that had survived and now lived next to the Zombies (who had found other sources of food).
    BUT, the interesting thing, and also somethin recurring here is: I never get eaten. Even more so, when I think of these drems, the Zombies usually look like normal Human Beings. Some of them even talk, so it can be hard to discern whether someone’s alive or not. In the first dream I knew I was dreaming, in the second I knew it was a combination of a lot of dreams. But other than that I was unable to actually escape the dream (as with many nightmares you usually can ..).
    Disturbing for me is ACTUALLY not the Zombies (since I have to admit, in retrospect when I think of the dream, I often think they’re quite harmless?), but my OWN violence. Since they are so similar to normal humans, and I kill them in very cruel and bloody ways (hitting on their head with a table until they start bleeding and their heads crack open). This is more disturbing for me, and in the second dream also the sex in the dream was even violent. In the first dream, I’m not even sure if they REALLY attacked us. The FBI almost scared me most.
    It’s very odd and I’ve been reading a lot of interesting posts here concerning these types of dreams. I’m beginning to wonder what they might stand for. I myself am female, and also used to have vampire dreams when I was younger. However, the vampires were usually living in my house and I thought they were normal until my parents started changing and I discovered bitemarks after they took a shower. I think they were actually more scary, even if they were a lot more normal and the scenery was far less apocalyptic. They always seemed to have a hidden plan … The Zombies are simply not capable of making a plan. However, their talking abalities and making eye-contact strategy is scary…
    I dunno … is anybody else rather scared by his own violence and cruelty than by that of the Zombies as such? Or lives happily next to them? I read a lot about running away, that’s never really part of my dream. Just like in “Zombieland” I know I simply have to clear areas by killing them, or stay out of certain zones during specific times xD .. Yeah well, enough for now.
    Any answers?

  34. fuzzly says:

    Oh and I forgot!! During the first dream, when I was more aware of it being a dream in between, I always though: Just shoot yourself in the head!
    However, there were guns, but we NEVER used the guns for anything! Or at lest I didn’t, since I seemingly prefer to cruelly crack their heads. I usually also keep hitting them long after they’re terminated. I NEVER know any of them!

  35. zombob says:

    OK, even though the page is more than a year old, people are still posting to it so I guess I’ll join in…

    While I had many vampire dreams as a kid, since mid-teen years I’ve had zombie dreams any time I get stressed out. Usually, they are not really any different from the ones we are all familiar with from the movies and the descriptions above. I figure they are just a release valve and nothing more than a signal that I need to do some serious stress reliving in the near future. In fact, at one point when I had been having several zombie dreams over the past few weeks (things were bad at work — political infighting between the board of directors and the founders) I got a chance to see Rush in the ‘Roll the Bones’ tour. I like Rush but don’t much keep up on music so when the title song came up I got a bit of a shock. (If you’re not familiar with the tour, the gimmick for the song is ‘Mr. Bones’ — a mowhocked skeletal figure mouthing the words to the song…) I’m sitting there trying to relax and this image, 20 feet tall, straight out of my nightmares, starts telling me to chill out, take some chances and everything will work out.

    I said ‘nightmares’ before but I didn’t really mean it. The usual zombie dream is not a nightmare. It is stressful but I’m under a lot of stress when I have them. I suspect that they reduce the stress. I’m sure that they are a result of the stress, not the cause of it.

    The only dreams that I would describe as nightmares are the ones where the threat, zombie or not, winds up on the defensive. The dreams that really scare me are the ones in which I become something so horrible in an effort to survive that the beasties start running from me.

  36. MIkheil Elizbarashvili says:

    Zombie dreams are also nightmares. Scary nightmares.Of cause if you have them.

  37. diane :) says:

    last night too…i have a nightmare about zombie…i was soo afraid..coz when im dreaming of it,i cant open my eyes….

  38. Lori says:

    I have zombie dreams often. They are always very vivid and I remember them quite well the next day. I had one last night, so this morning I thought I would try to get some sort of analysis. The dreams are always similar, in which I am leading people to safety. Last nights dream was no different, I was seeking out the un-dead and leading them away from zombies. The dreams usually consist of me finding a secure vehicle to transport people. Im not sure why I have these dreams, I don’t even like to watch zombie movies cause they scare the crap out of me. However, I do believe that a zombie type situation is entirely possible.

  39. Krystal says:

    I have currently had my 2 zombie dream in the last month. They freak me out, i am alone with like a few other people and zombies are taking over the world. n i don’t know what to do. except i run on foot and just keep running and trying to fight them off till i wake up. It sucks i wake up soooo out of breath.

  40. Lola says:

    I had my first zombie dream last night. I occasionally have vivd dreams, but never this intense. The only fear I felt was for the absence of comfort and for loved ones, which I was in constant search for! I don’t remember being afraid for myself. I woke up exhausted but calm. The colors of the sky were the most disturbing images in the dream.
    Glad to read that I am not alone with these abnormal dreams.

  41. lindsay says:

    I am one of these females you talk about who has these dreams. I’ve had two now in the past few weeks. Both times it’s been myself, a few people I know and some strangers who are survivors. We fight off zombies, search for resources and look for, (and save) other survivors. The same grim certainty of defeat is also present. I wake up sweaty, scared and relieved once I come to the realization that it’s not actually happening.

  42. mindy says:

    I have been having a lot of zombie dreams lately. they usually all have the same husband is gone and I’m with my 5 year old son I’ve been bit and am trying to figure out what to do with my son before I change. I’m usually hiding with my son and I wake up just as I am about to be attacked.. I have had zombie dreams where I’m kicking ass killing zombies but it always returns to I’m gonna get killed or zombiefied

  43. Nikki says:

    I have had reoccurring zombie dreams my entire life, which has fueled my obsession with zombies. I got into the entire subject to face my fear of them. I have insomnia so bad because of it. The dreams usually wake me up screaming with the most terrifying feeling. Sometimes when I wake up I still think the dream is real so I lay really still in bed thinking a zombie is in my room, and if i pretend i’m dead it’ll leave. I know thats just irrational, but thats my paranoia. BTW… im a female.

  44. Surviver says:

    zombie drems are what i drem but i have no clue why i drem of zombis beig dis-nbold by me blood flooding on me and the insane eurg to kill chop run over and evin tourcher. in my drems im a moutan kind of person and my faverit wepons are my hands sords knifs throwing stars a chansaw and a all teran hummer with scors of guns sords and other stuff but im never scared not even in my latest dream wear i am on the north pole zombies comeing from the north the east the soth and last the west if u wer in the spase satlite u could see nothing but zombies mygrating to the north pole and wen i woke up my thrust for blood was qunched until the night

  45. sam says:

    i don’t think there was a meaning to it, it seemed mores like an actual memory. i was hanging out with a friend in his car in front of a house down the street from mine and i notice this woman with her kid walking towards us. when they got by me on the passenger side they stopped and i saw kids stomach was opened up and the jaw missing the next thing i remember was driving to my house and seeing all my neighbors packing. i get to my house and check on my family but everyone was gone then i here a car accident so my friend and i go check. cars were flipped over all down the road, nobody was around my neighbors cars were still there and the church i live by had its lights on but they were flickering i then went to my room to gather some stuff and i saw my dog, she start shacking violently and then i woke up cuddled next to her. it freaked me out for a few too cuz everyone in my house was gone, but what creeps me out the most was waking up next to my dog. us i stared at her for a bit and thought to myself, ‘swhat the fuck’

  46. […] Fashion Zombie pick. It’s titled “Every Night I Have the Same Dream” and I love zombie dreams. Plus, it’s a comic, on a shirt! How can you go […]

  47. morguecontrol says:

    I’d really be interested in the differences and similarities of Zombie over Vampire dreams. When I was in my early-middle teens, it was constantly nightmares of Vampires, most of them cooler than they were scary. Through my twenties the dreams took a much more sinister and disturbing twist, which I care not to revisit. And now in my early thirties, it’s zombies all the time. I’m terrified but fighting hard in the dreams, but when I wake, I always enjoy sitting back and remembering. They usually turn out to be better than any flick, because they are so much more personal.
    Last night’s was particularly cool!

  48. That Girl says:

    Well, honestly, I used to have dinosaur dreams for the longest time. My mom went and saw Jurassic Park when I was in the womb and I watched it nearly every day. It was my most favorite movie. The downside is that my dreams had horrifying velociraptors that would chase me. This changed however once the trailers for Zombieland came out. I’m pretty sure that I had my dream because I was thinking about how awesome that movie was going to be nonstop.

    Mind you, I have been a little in love with the theory of the walking undead for many years before this. So when I got my first zombie dream and woke up quite terrified… I was also super ecstatic. Most of my dreams just involve me watching the horrors befall someone else and I’m this invisible entity so my first zombie dream was just watching this poor guy running down this road at night, trying with all his might to stay away from the zombie that was chasing him. The zombie got him and I woke up.

    My other zombie dream was after I played a little too much L4D/L4D2. There were specials in my dream. For some reason, I would only kill the normal infected and run for dear life from the specials. There was a hunter chasing me and all I remember is running through junkyards and the broken backyards of apartments while this Hunter stalked me on the walls.

    Oh yeah, I also had a Resident Evil one too. Well…sorta. I had just walked into the door of my school when these men in black suits stop me. I’m confused and they speak, telling me, “If you don’t work for us we won’t change you back into a girl.” Weird right? So suddenly I was a guy. I decided to ditch my backpack and bolt out the door. I suddenly have guns and I’m kicking way more ass than I do in any of my other zombie dreams. Then I get a call from my uncle. I go back to the house and my whole family is there, plus some random blond lady I’ve never met before. Her and I go upstairs and she starts painting a picture. A zombie comes up and tries to attack her but she shoots it. Too bad she didn’t Double-Tap. It bit her so I killed the zombie (for sure) and then killed the lady. I went downstairs to where my family was. None of them looked bitten but they were dead. I shot them all to make sure. LOL, seems a little heartless, hm? And then I am running around town again when the dream ends.

    Now, I’m not one to get stressed out so I’m not sure why I have these zombie dreams. Not to mention they have totally replaced my dinosaur dreams for a couple of years now. I don’t mind though. They’re pretty awesome.

  49. Lisa says:

    its more common than you think.. i’ve looked up forums from 2010 yeah this year and no I’m not an end of the world idiot that assumes its all going to end on 2012 or even any other time but damn I was just talking to my mother a few days ago cause I had a pretty disturbing evil involving(not drugs or virus) caused zombie epocalypse.. and pretty sure someone was doing something nefarious in the top of an old building cause it seemed to start from the highest before top floor and came out of the window then the building tilted over and this flash of light or something and then a wispy stream came out and it materialized into a shape but still wispy and like a ghoul it took form but never became solid or obviously humanoid only its upper body showed.. then more of them followed and well I was with some friends downtown(it was downtown) and it was morning but light out and we looked up and saw blood red streaks in the sky.. NOT parallel streaks but like someone spilled blood on the sky and it all went in different directions around a giant ozone and clouds HOLE that went straight through to the black space with stars and a very bright very full white full moon in the middle top of it(before the flash and the tilting building) but that happened right smack after I looked down.. then the dogs started to growl out of protecting us and like stupid dogs will do they ran towards the evil spirits that were going to attack people but the dogs were more offensive so they attacked the dogs instead.. but by that time my group of friends ran for a nearby thick concrete block brick type building with a long hallway.. then thought oh shit where did the dog go? , then we soon found out cause our dog came back and stood growling at the far corne rof the hwall but it looked like it went through some kinda flesh cutter but missed its bones so it could still walk.. like someone took a sword to him. and he was violently mad like something changed him into some kinda hell beast but only slightly different despite the injuries that looked deadly in seriousness, then the dog ran towards us in the thick of evil spirits going after other animals and people but people were smart enough to run.. but I knew it was only so long til they eventually got us.. and I kicked my own dog off while on my back like when someone runs at u and u hoist them up with ur feet.. and throw them hard over ur head. anyway the significance of this recollection is that I was talking to my mom . and she said .. “I had a dream with zombies in it just last night.. then i told her o.O that I did too D:

  50. kristentamara says:

    So, I’ve been having the recurring zombie dream for just over a year now, the first dream I had the zombies were your everyday, garden variety horror film zombies but in every dream since then the appearance or cause of the zombies has varied. For instance, in one they were shrivelled and hunched over with very long claws and sharp teeth, their faces were all twisted and angry, in another they were short and had the outward appearance of a horrifying birth defect that I stumbled across accidentally (Harlequinn Foetus Syndrome, I still can’t look at it!), in another they were intelligent and very cunning and in the one I dreamt last night they had been infected with “Depression” in m dream I watched a man, who was sitting on a fire escape, dangle his daughter over the side of the building by her ankle despite her terrified screams before dropping her to her death. It had other moments in it such as attempting to suffocate one by putting icing sugar up its nose (which failed) and slamming one around the head with a shopping basket (which worked) but invariably all my zombie dreams depict me running away, usually with my mother acting as the strong protector who can beat any zombie into mush, although last night was the first time it involved my cat and a large group of strangers, including a very overweight woman dressed entirely in black and a shopping centre security guard. They come at random, unexpected times and although they don’t frighten me, as such, they cause me to be incredibly wary of my surroundings, especially at night, and since I started having them I’ve become more and more convinced that the zombie apocalypse is nigh.

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