The zombie dream

Posted by Cory Casciato On March - 16 - 2009

dreamimgI had the zombie dream last night, and that seems as good a reason as any to address it here on the site. See, I’ve been having variations on the same zombie dream on and off for close to fifteen years now. I’m fairly certain it started shortly after I saw Dawn of the Dead, which was shortly before I turned twenty. It’s something I’ve discovered is remarkably common among my male friends, especially (but not exclusively) those who are deeply interested in zombies. I’m sure there are women that have the zombie dream, too, I just don’t know any of them.

The dream is usually some variation of the apocalyptic zombie scenario. Zombies run amok everywhere, and I am left alone, or nearly alone, to battle the undead hordes. These dreams are not nightmares, not for me at least. To the contrary, I find them both fascinating for their symbolism and entertaining for their sheer zombie awesomeness. Indeed, I have no doubt that they have played a major part in my obsession with all things zombie. For whatever reason, my brain has latched on to the image of the shambling, animated dead as a vehicle for any number of subconscious desires, fears and impulses.

In the dream, I am always fighting valiantly and unceasingly against the living dead, but there is always the grim certainty, just as in most zombie fiction, that eventually I will fall and be consumed. In my own analysis, I’ve determined that the zombies frequently play the part of inexorable external forces working against me. For example, while I was in college, I would have the dream with some frequency around the time of finals. I have also had it at tax time, before a big project at work is due, etc. At other times, the zombies themselves aren’t necessarily the focus, but simply acting as a foil for other impulses — for example, the last time before this most current time I had the dream, the main anxiety in it was about not being able to reach my daughter, who was on the other side of town during a major zombie outbreak.  Not coincidentally, this was right after she went to stay with her grandparents for a while. In other words, like many a filmmaker working genre Z, the zombies were but symbols of something else.

On the other hand, I occasionally have it at a time when I simply am thinking a lot about zombies. Last night, for example, I was thinking about them right before bed and actually hoping I’d have the dream. I was also trying out melatonin to see if it would aid my intermittent insomnia, and I’ve heard it can contribute to vivid dreams. In any case, I love the zombie dream and I hope I keep having it — honestly, the one thing that’s a bummer about immersing myself in zombie media is it tends to reduce the frequency of how often I dream zombies. If anyone cares to share, I’d love to hear about others’ zombie dreams, including what you think it might mean to you.

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  1. Onyon says:

    Female here,

    I have had constant dreams of the Zombie Apocalypse, usually in which I am the hero and kick major ass (of course most everyone around me dies). Today I had a different zombie dream. One where I didn’t live in my quiet suburban home… Instead I was in the city, downtown. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. I was stupid and took the subway with a frantic woman. Then we ended up sitting on top of somebodies dead boy friend. Immediately I freaked because there was no doubt in my mind he was a zombie, but it was too late. The 15 year old kid started laughing and speaking in Italian. He wouldn’t let us go from his grasp. We struggled but no matter how hard we struggled we couldn’t break free. I tried to bash in his face with my heels but it didn’t work. I woke up hopeless and scared.

    In short, my zombie luck seems to have changed, if possible I would like a group of strong boys to come to my house and watch over me as my body guards :)

    That is all.

  2. grishnakt says:

    Musing of a Zombie Lover
    Its either the end of civilization or the birth of humanity I m waiting for.
    Zombies represent an insatiable hunger , desire forever unfulfilled.
    Zombies always seem to be suffering, its their natural state.
    Maybe that’s why we fear them so. They are the gaping black hole that lies in the center of each and every one of us.
    No matter what you buy,drink,wear,ingest,smoke,poke,inject,insert or whatever, you cant ever fill it.That’s why we suffer so.
    Our core is empty and it scares us. Terrifies us. Forces us to look anywhere but in, to just keep on forcing more and more of the same old crap down the same old hole even though we know it wont work.
    We know, but still we persist.
    In a way, in a very real way, each of us is just like the zombie.
    Unsatisfied, unfulfilled, unhappy.
    Have a nice day.

  3. isleen says:

    I’m a girl and i have zombie dreams a lot each is different. I have never dreamed the same dream twice. I’m usually scared and running in every dream, i have never died but all of my children have in my dreams it’s pretty f’ing sad!

  4. Mike says:

    No deep thoughts here. The dream mostly likely deals with a subconscious feeling of isolation. The zombies might be a rationalization of how you view the people in the world around you. You fight them, which means you haven’t given up being isolated forever, but since you have an inevitable feeling of falling, the realist in you might be trying to have you accept your fate.

  5. Gaz says:

    its very interesting to read this post since I constantly dream about zombies and I enjoy it, while im shit scared I also get a thrill, my whole life is spent making zombie computer games and talking about dawn of the dead lol, today i had the most visceral and real zombie dream of my life and I woke up screaming, it began with me playing a zombie game in the future where there is a games machine that basically projects reality into your own home, but it got really out of hand and I was scared so I leant over and turned off the hypothetical futuristic games machine as I was quite literally too scared and they were surrounding me about to chomp on me – I cant think of a situation as scary as this. To be honest this happens even in real games, i have this weird thing where I have to quickly quit a game before I actually die in the game. Problem is in the dream I expected them to vanish when I turned off the games machine and they didnt! That got really scary and the dream seemed to span about 2 days – must admit i thoroughly enjoyed the thrill.. infact this is insane but my artist for my game called me to speak about the zombies he is currently drawing for me and I was genuinely angry that he had ended my awesome dream too early and I was able to go back to sleep and resume the dream! I hope I get another tonight, its a little like when you were a child and you would deliberately cause mischief to get a “chase” from an adult (maybe that was just me lol) it would be exciting and thrilling but also scary…once I even got really drunk and thought I was a zombie!! Now that is weird I know, I even bit someone on the leg LOL… didnt break the skin I was sort of drunk acting (ive had similar situations where I think im some sort of god too).. anyway I enjoy it and I think its really awesome for someone in my career.. but yes all very odd.. just thought id share this with any fellow zombie dreamers :-)) one funny point is it became lucid when I was scratched, in the dream I convinced myself theyd not broken the skin and id be ok, but then I saw blood and actually forced myself to wake up as the reality of becoming one was just too much..

  6. mabin says:

    I-Hate-Zombies. Can’t even The thought of the world being overtaken by animated dead corpses .It’s really weird because I keep having this one dream where im sleeping and out of nowhere all the neighbor hood dogs start barking, growling, and yelping at once. Then I look out the window and see a light trinkle of zombies dragging their selves through the streets ( I prefer zombies one can outrun than the type on stereoids, like the series “dead set” scary zombies that can run o.o), attacking the people outside.I run down stairs to warn my family, turns out only my sister is home, the rest are out.Of course she thinks i’m joking, by this time i’m frantic, but I can’t leave her, can’t even fathom that. I force my sister to look outside, and she does see the zombies, but can’t believe her eyes, so she opens the door, one of the zombies see us and starts to make it’s way, alerting a couple more. That’s the scary part… would I abandon my family to save myself? Eventually I drag my sister with me out back to the mediocore mini trees and bushes and run. Running, running, thinking what the F*** are we going to do, both of us lacking the essential survival skills to stay alive. Zombies make me want to learn how to hunt, shoot, cook, and know the basic edible plants.

  7. thomas says:

    For me, I think it started when I was maybe 7 or 8 and watched the old black and white Night of the Living Dead. Ever since then, zombies have really been the only thing that has terrified me. Now I am 30 and I still have zombie apocolypse nightmares. I can’t figure out why. I wonder if it has to do with being afraid of finding myself in a situation where I cannot escape? Though just lately I have been feeling like I may have conquered the dreams and the fear. Last night I drempt that I was able to make myself invisible and move amongst the zombies without them attacking me. What in the world could something like this mean? I have always been afraid to watch the «dead» series’ but I have seen all three, plus a few of the remakes and others. The running ones make me less scared because they seem much less natural. I have also been interested in the Haitian/Beninese zombie, which are not out to eat humans, but are usually «brought back» to be slaves. However, the supposed science behind this uses the tetrodotoxin from the puffer fish coupled with the psychological trauma of being buried alive and having always believed in the existance of zombies. Some of my other interpretations of these nightmares have to do with consciousness. I really liked the post about how zombies may be a reflection of the void in all of us; they are insatiable. Perhaps in my becoming invisible I am on the right track for finding something that may help fill the void? Such as whatever love is, or real consciousness? Maybe they are a blessing in disguise, these nightmares? Maybe I need to see them in a new light. Afterall, I have never been attacked, I just spend the dream being very afraid that I will be attacked, but if I were to drop the fear, maybe everything would change? If I could realize that I am in a dream, or in the astral realm . . .then I could maybe perhaps work on dropping the fear?

  8. erica says:

    I too had a young intro to zombies and have since had dreams of running from them,always the same situation just different places. Always im running and always Im doomed to be eaten but just seconds from my demise I wake up.I try to see whats going on in my life to see why i keep having them, but nothing in stands out. Hmmm just wondering why.

  9. m says:

    Im a female. And i am very fascinated in zombies. I own almost all the main george a romero films. All the resident evils. You could say i probably have these off and on dreams because of how much i enjoy them that they might just always be on my subconcious. Its very random though. Lastnight i had a dream but it was a little different from all of yours.. im usually always safe in them. And i had a dream i was safe indoors completely with a bunch of people. I just never wanted to leave. We needed supplies but it was hard to go get them. The most random people ive talked to recently were in it. Theyre all similar, where it seems the only thing i really have to do is walk the streets with caution because i see them stumbling but theyre never swarming together. Im not sure why they are exactly like this. Any suggestions?

  10. Sarah. says:

    Well, I have pretty much the same dream and I’m a girl. I have it every night and it doesn’t exactly scare me. ahha. but it’s starting to creep me outt.

  11. becky says:

    I’m a woman and I’ve had zombie nightmmares since I was a kid…prob about 5. I’m rarely fighting. Mostly, I’m boarded up somewhere or trying to board up wherever I am or tryng to find some place I can hide. They plague me and scare the crap out of me. I just wish I could stop having them. When I do, I usually have to get out of bed and get my mind on something else before I try sleeping again or else it will just continue.

  12. Chase says:

    Zombie dream land must be an alternate universe that exists, apparently we are all in it!

    I had a dream like this this past night, seems that some of us are fighters, enthused and exhilirated to have a daunting task of “saving” the world. On the other hand, many seem to be overwhelmed and paralyzed by the dream.

    I would say the people having this dream probably fall into two categories.

    1. Those of us obsessed with zombie culture and fantasy. My guess is that these are our enthusiastic fighters. In my dream land I am usually a zombie killing hero with my friends.

    2. Those not obsessed with zombies. In this case normal dream analyzation theory probably works better, with the zombies representing a struggle or some part of your psyche that needs attention.

    Either way, we all wake up freaking out…thanks Zombie!

  13. T-VIRUS says:

    I’ve been dreaming of zombies almost my whole life i am now 25 years old i am absolutely fascinated with zombies but i fear them at the same time.
    At night my girlfriend has to wake me up because i become paralyzed and my eyes roll in the back of my head im starting to get used to the dreams now but they still scare the hell outta me.
    Most of the time the dreams start at the same place but i always end up somewhere else almost like stages of a video game in one dream i could be in a childhood home and in another i could be in macy’s but i know when the zombies are coming.
    For example in one of my dreams im at home watching tv and a commercial with zombies will come on and thats when i hear them coming up the stairs of my apartment they moan and scream really loud and that alone is very intense sometimes i dont even look at their faces because i fear that i will stop breathing in my sleep.
    When i was young there were times in dream world were there would be so many of them that i would have to find the nearest cliff to jump off of so i understand the “zombie dream world” it can be very intense at times and very fun as well just be carefull though because the more your into zombies the more terrifying your dreams will become…..goodluck

  14. J says:

    I don’t know quite what to put. To start off almost 80% of all dreams I’ve ever had have come true, and they are always very vivid. I don’t have any stress or anything bothering me I’m basically care free. The dream involves me being here at college, all the sudden I see a zombie and run he chases me I go up the stairs to 2nd floor guys run down the hall as he chases me. I pull out my cell phone and try to call home no one answers and I fear the worst. Next as I run towards my room on first I call all the friends I know at my college to try and warn them so we can all get together. We end up getting in a car similar to mine, but my keys won’t work in it so my buddy who pushed me out of the drivers seat, which would never happen really, throws it in neutral and we coast up to thebuilding. We run in and I wake up. I know the next part because I’ve had that part of the dream a few othertimes, it’s usually the supply gathering time and preparation for a new way of life. Ever since I started having these dreams, about one every 2-3 months, I’ve compiled what I call “The List” a list of essential needs for survival in a zombie apocalypse. I don’t know what to think or feel, but when my dreams are so vivid and it feels so real it makes me wonder if this is another dream that’ll come true. I kind of worry if something is wrong with me or anything..but if anyone has any ideas or thoughts please reply or something.

  15. lucid b says:

    So, i am a 27 yr. old woman, who has been having zombie apocalypse dreams for the past five years, spread out, sometimes more often than others. Onyon-I too, am the hero in these dreams. I never get bitten, but people die around me and I get sense that I might not make it, but wake up before that happens… My dreams take place in locations where I have spent time w/ my family or friends (the lake, the cabin, hometown, school, etc). I am not deathly afraid of zombies, and I am somehow kind of happier when I wake up and I have had such a sucessful night battling the brain eaters. Think these really started after I read Richard Mathenson’s novel “I Am Legend.” In some of these dreams I am able to barricade myself in whatever building I am in, and I seem to really know what I am doing. Strange stuff, but good to see other people w/ the same dream patterns! Brains:)

  16. TheEventLive says:

    I too have the recurring zombie dream for most my life. I watched the original Night of The Living Dead when I was around 8 or so. I was sent to bed right before the zombies get into the house, and I think I may of become obsessed with how it would end. Thru the years I’ve watched all the great zombie movies and some not so great. I don’t really enjoy zombies…they are one of the few things that really scare me, but it’s like I can’t turn away.

    I’m 30 now and the frequency of the zombie dreams has decreased; I attribute that to the popular zombie craze going on now. I think maybe it’s my brain getting the zombie fix it needs in the waking world.

    You are not alone!

  17. jimmi says:

    i was in a mall and as usual pawn shops/swords shop always get my attention so i went there, then everything got wierd. Saw a tall female that looked soo strange (i felt that she wasn’t from this living world) she had a lonng sword, ans her arms had so much reach. everything got dark in the mall. This random kid was stuck in the store with me, so i decided to grab 3 katanas from the wall (i have basic knowledge in kendo) (why three? cause most katanas bent or brake) i put 1 in my pants and held 2 in each arm. That kid went to hide and i started fighting that like super undead woman. she did not move much, but i had a hard time to get into her vulnerable zone, she had so much reach.. at the end after hit n backup, hit n backup, both my katanas were bent, i took the last one and went all out and finnaly got it’s head. Then out of nowhere the kid screamed idk what but i looked out the window and i saw an army of men from far, and then a light appeared so fast and BOOOM explosion… i woke up. I never watch horror movies nor action, i am a comedy fanatic. this was the first time i see some sort of apocalyptic type dream… like wtf.
    peace and love!

  18. Salvo says:

    I’ve had recurring nightmares of zombie Apocalypese ever since I was very young, probably 10 or 12. I remember seeing the trailier of “Return of the Living Dead ” and I felt these cramps on my legs, couldn’t move , completely paralyzed by sheer terror. Over the years I have become a huge zombie fan. Love to play zombie videogames or watch zombie movies. My dreams have always been slight variations of the same scenario : me trapped somewhere while the undead are coming to get me. Being a gay man I always thought it was some sort of rationalization of the fear I had of being ‘rejected’ by the mainstream society. I don’t know. But even though these dreams are scary as hell, I must admit I f*cking love them!

  19. Kate says:

    It’s 2:30am and I have just woken up from my 4th zombie nightmare in a year. I woke up from this one with a raging headache.

    In this dream, as with the others, my boyfriend, dogs, and I are trying to survive a zombie attack. Tonight it was due to an airplane crash that occurred by our house.the crash somehow turned everyone on the plane into zombies, who then tried to get into our house.

    In my zombie nightmares there are some elements that continually appear:
    1. It’s always my bf and me
    2. I’m always trying to protect my dog (he’s usually portrayed as a puppy in the dream)
    3. I usually leave a door unlocked accidentally that the zombies inevitably find.
    4. We usually have to leave the house for some reason.
    5. I usually have to be mean and not let someone I know in the house because they are turning into a zombie.

    The dreams usually occur between 2-3am and I always wake up from them. They are very vivid and lead me to sleep with the light on when trying to fall back asleep.

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  21. Nicolitus says:

    I have been having the same type of zombie dream for years now. But they
    On occur when I sleep in late, or wake up and fall back to sleep a number of times.
    I always end up in some building or house. I’m always weaponless
    and have come to the building looking for weapons. There’s always weapons,
    but limited ammunition. But in most cases there’s a sword for a backup weapon,
    always hanging on a wall or stiffed away in a dusty closet.
    Half the dreams is me searching for weapons then getting ready to fight.
    Then I wake up. Sometimes they are just normal slow stupid zombies, but then the
    Occasional time they have an evilness to them that could only be from the devil
    Or from some great evil pressence. Eitherway good or bad, these are my most favourite
    And interesting dreams I have ever had. I remember them so clearly.

  22. Wigi says:

    I had one last night that was crazy. Like you I was not really scared in the dream and it didnt cause me to wake up. Mine had to do with me being in an apartment and my mom was over. My friend called me and told me that there were zombies around. I didn’t believe him untill I looked out my window and saw them. I had a pistol and so did my mom. We escaped my apartment complex and hopped in my car and saw a woman my age and her dad that were fighting zombies and we picked them up for the ride. We drove to their place witch was a huge house with a workshop and tons of guns and melee weapons. There were still live people around and the woman still wanted to go to work.I went with her and fought zombies on the way to her job. We got there and she worked and we left and got trapped in my car that had broke down. Her dad came to the rescue. We got back to the house after she had kissed me saying thank you for your help. The end of the dream was me and the dad in the workshop. Three zombies appeared one by on in there and I killed the first one and he killed the second with a crowbar. The third one appeared and was crawling very fast. He hit it with a crowbar it stood up really fast and he hit it again in the face. He stunned it at this point and handed me the crowbar and said to finish the job. I took the crowbar and killed it by hitting it six times in the head. This is when the dream ended.

  23. Sensai Ash J says:

    100% woman here and I have constantly had fxcked up zombie dreams, some I kick ass, others I kill myself, others I get killed. I hate having these dreams and I had to literally pray n meditate like crazy to stop having them. I recently had one, but I just woke out of it and thought of something else to dream of. I just try to stay away from movies, shows, games that will later make me think of them. If one day this horrible dream becomes reality…I can only hope to be ready =(

  24. Dreamer says:

    I am a female 28, and ice been having recurring post apocalyptic zombie dreams now since at least high school. They are always someplace different, but the main similarity is whom I am protecting. It’s ALWAYS my daughter (since I had her), but sometimes it always includes someone else, always someone close to me at the time.

    The only thing I have come up with is I am protecting those important to me; hence, my daughters recurring appearance in the dream.

    Any other thoughts…or reasons as to why a ZOMBIE dream? I mean I am fascinated with zombies, but they literally scare the crap out of me. Out of any horror film it’s the zombie movies that scare me the most. After a dream I get so scared, it often takes me a few minutes to go into reality mode. Sometimes I’ll want to get up, but I’m so scared of a zombie attack that I wait until the fear goes away. Literally I dream about zombies at least 1-2x a month. It seems a bit frequent to me.

  25. Patricia says:

    So most of my zombie dreams have the same plot line. The zombies are coming, I’m missing a loved one, my protection fails me, and I wake up. Last night though not only were they zombies, they were the ‘runners’, the living dead that have the athletic capabilities of those of Olympians. I have never woke so shaken up that I refused to move. I’m a huge zombie fan. So the fact that I have the same reoccurring dream never shocks me, but the level of graphics that come along with it get stronger and stronger each time. The first thing I said to my guy this morning was that we will build an underground shelter so that when my dreams turn into déjà vu we could live to tell the tale.

  26. Griffin says:

    Most of my zombie dreams end badly. They usually start at night at my house. I’m in bed, asleep, and then I wake up to a handful of zombies (2-6 usually). I almost always get eaten.Last night I had a dream that wasn’t quite as simple. It started in a crowded building. There were zombies outside and we had to leave. Luckily my car was parked inside. I drove out of the building and I eventually reached a military base. The people there had a few zombies and were experimenting on them and trying to figure out/cure the disease. The zombies got out and everyone in the compound died. I woke up around 3:30 A.M sweating and panting.

  27. diego says:

    I had a new crazy but scary zombie dream last night.I was playing basketball with 5 of my best friends,then all of a sudden a tv popped and then this HUGE alarm was going off like there was a earthquake or something…so the Tv was saying that there was a chemical missile heading towards New hampshire..where i live from Libya then it showed a scene like in dawn of the dead…and my friend David said go home get your stuff and go to the police station where there is a safe bunker..i asked what about my girlfriend and my kid… he said yea.. so when i got home i couldn’t find them or my parents or anyone i walked out the door and there was a army of zombies that was just drooling and bloody and the most ugliest pieces of crap i’ve ever seen the ones like from dawn of the dead… so i booked it usually im a hero in it and everyone die’s but this time i never made it and they actually got me…and i saw myself get eaten alive… i woke up at 5am where i had to wake up at 628 for work and legit i thought it was real…and was scared to even look out the window…. what do zombie dreams mean? are we all seeing something that could actually happen someday? would we actually be on of the few..or would we be few of the millions chasing after the liven…

  28. tfae says:

    i am also female, 21, and have been having zombie dreams for many years. they are almost always different, and kind of silly sometimes. when i first started having them, the zombies were way super human, like could jump on op of my house super human, and there wasn’t much you could do but blow them off w your gun. i live in the country, like way country, we have a neighbor across the street, but the no one for at least a mile. it was just me and family, but we are already prepared for the apocalypse so it seems like not a big deal. then the dreams changed to im in town, at the store, and my friend just got back in the car, then a zombie hits the window, and we try to drive away. but the car wont start, typical of my car i had at the time. then the zombie gets on the ground, like in scary movie wen he goes under the car to unlock the doors magically, and i had a gun case in the back of my car, don’t ask me why, lol, but we kill that one, the car starts and we drive away. bu then get hit by like 30 zombs, and they knock the car over! so we ran for this house, as we were tossed from the car when it crashed. there are people held up inside, but there are no locks on the windows! so the zombies keep opening the windows. that was the trend for a while, no locks on windows or doors, until this morning. it was after a lot of the fighting, and we had taken our town back, put up a good barrier, and had a semi decent life, but apparently someone had kept a truck box, like a semi box, full of zombies on the inside. well of course u know they didn’t lock it right, and they started to come out, we lost a couple people, but it wasn’t a big deal. so i go home, and want to use the bathroom, and what do ya know, my parents have a box of zombies!!! ugh, so basically ur on the crapper, and there are like 4 zombies watching you… kinda felt more like they were creepin than tryin to eat me. so then they start to get out, and in like ahh no, your asses r stayin there, and they look at me like what, like a dog cocks his head to the side, and i close the door, and have to push them back with it. my mom was all excited cuz she found some like antique jewelry and stuff, and I’m like what do u expect, they’ve been dead for a while. so now its like nonchalant zombie times, and they are more like roaches rather than something to fear.

  29. HArris Sam says:

    my zombie dream came as a old theatre which was tripy, plus was part of civil war inside the theatre zombie came out till 3 to 4 hours later i was with few army men like 6. but i was walkin around lookin if mii family ok but i havnt seen no one alive was a trip” but i couldnt belive dat i was in dis dream but i had no weapon with me was crazii, i was looking thruogh doors walkin while the mens were waitin for me, every door i went to theres another door its like u couldnt control ur dream i was afriad sumthin would caught me “man” it was tripy than later i saw one person alive i ran to her, she was like bloody n clothes old she didnt seem like a zombie she was normal but idk at thee end i took her than zombies bust from the window i ran as fast as i can no weapon with me n i scream as hell” but no use a single person jump above me it freak me out than i woke up very scray though”

  30. meya says:

    I am a woman and I dream of zombies too. Although in my dreams the zombies are always near and I am collecting supplies and getting ready to fight.

  31. Chris says:

    I have had Zombie dreams for roughly two weeks now. Only 2 out of the 14 nights I did not dream about Zombies. In most of the dreams I am inside and I am trying to secure the building so the Zombies don’t get in. I never succeed at this and zombies always find a way in. I use whatever I can find to fight them off. I have useda sword, hammer, hatchets but mostly screw drivers. I seems that I always have trouble getting the kill shot and usually takes me 3-4 swings or stabs with my weapon before I kill them. At times my son is there and I am teaching him how to kill zombies, at other times my wife is there. Last night there was 1 zombie and I hit it with a hammer 2-3 times but it wouldn’t die. I ran into my mothers bedroom where she was laying in bed. I locked the door and noticed another door into her room. As I tried to lock it, my mother acted as if nothing were wrong. Before I could lock the door the zombie pushed it open. I kicked her back out and got the door locked and then I woke up..

    I think that our dreams try to tell us something. I believe that I since I am surrounded by drug addicts (Zombies) in both my family and friends, these are the zombies in my dreams. I am always trying to kill these zombies but they either keep coming and never stop or will not die. I have tried to “fix” my family and friends from being addicts but it never works and I soon find out other family and friends are becomming zombies (addicts). I am usually fighting alone even when other people are present and able to help. To me this demonstrates that I am alone in the fight to cure or help the Zombies (addicts). I feel that killing the zombies don’t work so I asked for another way to handle them and then I had the dream of not being able to kill the zombie and just run from them and lock them out… Could this mean that I need to stop trying to kill them (The addiction) and just get away from them and lock them out of my life? All comments and suggestion welcome!

    Sorry for the novel!

  32. Thanks for the comment!

  33. James says:

    I had a really scary zombie dream last night, where I was torn between whether to leave my family or not. I’m still a teenager, and I live with my parents and my little sister.
    In my dream I woke up to screaming and gunfire. My mom shook me and told me that we had to run, that there were zombies outside. It’s strange, but I believed her at once. I love zombies (playing Left 4 Dead right now)so I sprang to action, grabbing a crowbar, a knife set, etc. I remember yelling at my parents because they were grabbing photo albums and canned food.
    I guess that was the inner teenager zombie-slayer inside of me. My mom kept frantically going on about how we had to make it to the nearest hostpital, because she heard on the news that there was a vaccine, and if we all took it we would drive to the airport and make it out of the country. I was screaming at her that she was being stupid, the hospital would be the first place overrun, and the airports were probably all closed. Neither of my parents would listen to me. They grabbed my little sister and loaded up my car. I was faced with a decision: go with my family to what I knew was certain death? Or board up the house and try to survive as long as I could?
    The last part of my dream was me getting into the car, and as we drove onto the chaotic streets, I thought out loud: where is the military?
    Anyways, at that point I woke up. My dream was pretty scary because it felt so real.

  34. Destiny says:

    I’m a female and I too have dreams about the end of the world and zombies chasing me though my dreams are vivid and more frequent.

    I ended up looking it up and according to research zombie dreams mean you feel detached and dead inside,which is true cause with college I felt like empty because I was cooped up In my house

  35. Corey says:

    Hi, I have lucid dreams of these events. I never really got what this means though. The outbreak suddenly starts where I am (somewhere I am the next day). I am in a group, saving at least one adult and about three girls and two boys. Once I help the people, we get into a bus. Throughout the dream images of wild dogs (wolves) appear. At one point in the dream shortly after looters shoot our tires and kill our adult, zombies run up and eat the looters and try to tip my bus. During the act a pack of wolves came to wipe them out. We take weapons from a shop (guns and machetes). We go to an airport, losing 2 girls and the 1 boy. I take the Plane to Canada and we hide in the mountains finding that zombies hide there. We gun them down and manage to escape. We went to the middle east to shelter from the zombies. We were taken in by some Taliban. The Taliban were going to kill us, I turn onto a wolf and maul them with my last remaining friends. We sprint as wolves up hills across the desert and then set off some nuclear missiles at a U.S military base. Ending up as me, my friends and some hidden military people as the last living people in an irradiated land. Me and my friends go out into the middle east (no radiation) to kill the remainder of the hordes. The guy who was my friend dies in a horrible accident in an experimental room where it all began. His mask leaked and he turned. We decapitated him and Destroyed the scourge that had plagued the land. We settled for the rest of our lives. At the end we turn into the wolves and ran into the wild. A voice saying that im the hero that will save humanity. I do not know what this dream means… Anybody able to help? (I’m also clairvoyant as before I wake up parts of my day flash before my eyes).
    Plus the girl was the girl of my dreams.

  36. Sidney says:

    I’m also a girl, and I have had the most awful zombie dreams for as long as I can remember. I love zombies, left 4 dead, resident evil, deadspace, all my favorite games. My current obsession is Walking Dead right now, and other shows and movies about zombies. I suppose I started having these dreams when the first Half-Life came out on the PC, that used to be my favorite game. But my dreams never have the same zombies as the ones in any game or movie. Sometimes they’re just hideous brainless monsters, and other times they’re my family and friends decomposing slowly, but still very smart, trying to convince me to let them eat me. The dreams I have when they’re smart are the worst. It’s like they’re murderers but they still look like scary ass dead people. These dreams leave me terrified and I usually can’t stop thinking about it for a few days. I had one that was particularly disturbing when I moved into my first house, and the zombies were also attacking at that house. I couldn’t sleep there for a week after. I enjoy these dreams but at the same time they’re so realistic it scares the shit outta me. I’ve been having these dreams at least once a month all my life almost that I kindof look forward to them. They’re entertaining and give me something to think about.

  37. Gothic Lokita says:

    I have been dreaming about a zombie apocalypse ever since I started taking Chantix (the stop smoking aid). They have been extremely vivid. I seem to be the only one freaking out about the world being overrun by zombies. I always dream that me, my fiancee, my best friend, and some other dude I dont know is in it. My fiancee is blasting them all and laughing about it, but he will let them in the house before he kills them. My best friend is acting like a complete idiot and screaming. The dude I dont know just sits there like a doofus, and I am closing and locking all doors and windows. As soon as I lock the front door though, it clicks and the zombies hear it. So I try to get me, my retarded fiancee, my idiot friend and the doofus out to my car, but the whole back yard is covered in zombies. Then I wake up. I interpret my dream as… Im stuck in a dead end job working for an idiot. I want to go back to school to be an esthitician, and I also want to be a makeup artist. I have been offered many jobs, but I cant AFFORD to start at the bottom again when I am currently almost to the top at the job Im in now. Thats where the stuck part comes in to play. As much as Id like to take those job offers, I just cant with the economy the way it is now. I probably sound just as idiotic as my friend in my dream, but thats what I think it may mean.

  38. MissyKay says:

    I just had a zombie dream and I’m a WOMAN. Just wanna tell you that.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching more than a few zombie movies lately, but in my dream it was totally different from the movies. We were hiding in a house that’s also next to another house. Our neighboring house was invaded by a zombie who’s a senior member of that group being bitten. He chased us up the staircase and we ran as fast as possible to escape. He was climbing the rope to get us. I had a cutter lying beside me so I decided to I was going to cut the rope from the top. Another member of that house (who hasn’t been bitten) was on that rope too so that mean I would also have to drop him downstairs. Then another house member (that’s the same level of starcase as the uninfected member on the rope) told me to stop what I was doing. He had the cutter, too, and then cut the rope below his housemate, saving his life. I now realized I was not the member of that house, or that group of survivors and the decision wasn’t mine to make. I felt relieved.

    After that it was cut to another member of my group (I embodied him). A men in suit, back from work (I had no idea why he went to work). On the way home he stopped to talk on the cellphone and a zombie hidden in the corner was going to attack him. He quickly stabbed the zombie on the forhead and then headed back to our home group quickly. In front of the building, another girl who was infected came crawling and vomitted on his feet. In the house (now I disembodied the businessman), a long with my group, we witnessed a woman, supposedly the businessman’s wife, was picking up human debris on the floor and eating away. She seemed extremely hungry, but she was not bitten and hadn’t turned (yet), then she went out to the front door to greet her husband. By this time, the businessman had blood splashed over his face and we’re sure they’re both soon turning zombies. We ran upstairs to our emergency hiding place, which were cabinets with locks and chains attached. I supposed we were to get in there and get locked inside, and one member who helped lock the cabinet doors would have to hide outside, so that’s the plan. Neither of us had got in yet, and then I woke up.

  39. Jackie says:

    I am a female who mostly dreams about zombies. This has been a recurrent theme in my dreams for as long as I can remember. I am not a fighter in my dreams, and my zombies are always slow and stupid. I never have family or friends in my dreams, but there are always other (unknown) people.
    The objective in my dream is always escape. The landscapes and buildings are a strange maze of familiar but darker places. These dreams are thrilling but do not cause fear. I feel total control over them. I even control the zombies if I want.

  40. James says:

    I had this dream last night… It horrified me. Some of it was cool but at the end there was a massive battle, I won but my mums stomach was ripped open and we had an emotional scene…. Very scary for me

  41. kristy says:

    In my dreams I was never attacked and it always turn random for some reason, like in one of them I felt like eating ice cream and to let everyone one know there was zombie everwhere the icecream man freak and ran… so I did the slide over the cart and help myself to some freebie-_- and for some reason I could actually taste and feel in the dream.
    The other is very short and kinda weird I dreamt of a pit bull or I could be wrong it have a flabby face, idk how but it fell or more like dropped down from the sky and I pretty sure I heard something crack… but the dog walk down the street at though nothing ever happen…
    And finally the dream I just woke up from it different from the the others bc the zombie never did anything to me and I the same. However this time something happen I was hiding in a room and the zombies were walking around in the house I have several ppl with me an old man that look like my grampa and some girl Idk about was trying to solve a puzzle about a person that look like my cuz as to where the safe place is and that where it stop I woke up BUT I went to sleep again-_- and there another zombie dream but this time I was with my family and my cuz was there… I was watching doing things and it oh so happen they capture a zombie and I decided to experiment on it as to find it other weakness instead of the chopping and damaging the brain instead it look like I am torturing the poor guy T-T and that stop and now i’m trying to prepare for a zombie attack which I think would happen very soon but I feel lazy so… it’s probably never happen ever… 16 year old and female :d

  42. Keri says:

    Female here as well who dreams about zombies more often than not,

    Usually my nightmares consist of me being chased by several, seriously detailed and disgusting zombies. I usually wake up terrified and can’t get back to sleep. Tonight’s dream, however was different. For the first time instead of running I had a gun, and a knife and friends and I fought back :) What was a little weird is that I’ve never killed a zombie in my dreams before; not once. It was much less scary waking up from a dream where you’re in controlled however. :)

  43. Eddie says:

    I had a dream last night of zombies attacking. I went to Walmart and people were running a riot. and I got killed by a regular human when I was trying to run in my car lol

  44. Maddygirl says:

    I myself have had a huge string of Zombie dreams before… I had one today… I always for some reason have the same kind of gun, a revolver, and I’m always trying in the dreams to just protect my family. In the dreams Im never scared.. Just determined to get where I need to go, and get more supplies,

  45. Emily says:

    I keep having zombie dreams, I had one last night. They are never ever the same, always having some diffrent plot. Its weird. And in most of them i am always the oposite gender, Male. Oh and i am never alone in these dreams. I guess the most amusing part of them is that i wake up terrifed, and unable to walk about my own house for half the day with out freaking out at every little sound.

  46. steph says:

    Well, Ive been having them for the last few nights. I actually just woke up from one and am kinda trying to avoid sleeping for a bit, they are vivid, and intense. Filled with friends, family, my son.. I havent really been stressed about anything except money, but who isnt.. My whole life Ive had hundreds of “dejavu” dreams, where I would dream exact scenarios that happened days, weeks, months or years later.. Im just hoping its not that… I live a momebts walk from a graveyard.

  47. Ashtyn says:

    Last night I dreamt I was coming home to my apt and I saw an obese woman with a bloody stomach she started coming at me I remember vividly not grabbing my purse from my car and running as fast as I can but she was gaining around the other side of my apts a vehicle with a group of people unloaded at the house I approached and I ran inside scared for my life. As I start to realize in with strangers I ask of they would let me stay, they told me no they didn’t have enough supplies so I point out my apt from the window and tell them I can bring supplies I just needed a weapon. At this point I reach for my phone and dial my dad who lives in Texas. I immediately get a busy tone and put on hold. Then I hear rain and some sort of water supply in the background as my dad Nswers the phone, I’m then crying and telling my dad there is a zombie apocalypse here and from there I don’t remember much. I woke up feeling very upset and I’ve always had zombie dreams of different sorts with different stories, I this one I didn’t fight any zombies but I called my dad which happens in every zombie dream I have. I’m 20 years old…any ideas on what this dream In particular means?

  48. I tend to interpret all my zombie dreams as anxiety dreams… maybe some anxiety about your father? And not being prepared for something?

  49. Gemma Louise ruddock says:

    I have zombie dreams at least twice a week! I have no clue why and they are deffo not nightmares to me! I enjoy them. I am 27/f/uk x add me on FB

  50. Keran Hughes says:

    I also have been having the zombie dream, but don’t no why. I accrued about 4 months ago after I had my 2nd child I was fine until my baby was. 2 months old, I kept dreaming and still do now that the world is took over by zombies and my life is the only few left so I keep dreaming that u lock myself in a bathroom and climb out the window just b4 the zombies break in, I just keep dreaming I’m in constant hideing and waiting for that one to take me, but I become a zombie myself but it nevt happens, I get very scared, I wake in panics and sweats when having these dreams and when fall back to sleep I fall havnt I them night mare… So could any1 relate having a child and having these nightmares. As this is a down grade from the devil but still scary the same.

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