Trailer mania: Zombies of Mass Destruction + 3 more

Posted by Cory Casciato On March - 30 - 2009

I was concerned that the recent bonanza of zombie movies was slowing to a trickle, but here are a handful of trailers arguing against that hypothesis. Admittedly, these look to be low budget, foreign and indie affairs, rather than the big-budget epics of the past few years (although World War Z is still on the horizon…). The best looking of the bunch is Zombies of Mass Destruction, but I refuse to get too excited about it. It’s as rare as hen’s teeth for a movie to be as good as the trailer and even though the trailer looks pretty good, you can see some rough acting and questionable humor in it. It’s another zombie comedy, this one poking a little fun at America’s terrorism hysteria. Okay, okay, they’re about six years too late for this to be really relevant, but there’s plenty of people who are still sure there’s a bioweapon under every bed just waiting to spread some kind of virus, zombie-making or otherwise. I just wish the movie’s web site had some real information, like a release date, whether it’s coming to theaters or straight to DVD or what. Oh well, I’m sure that will come presently. Until then, enjoy the trailer. Then, hit the jump for three more trailers.

Trailer for Tak Sakaguchi’s Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie

The Japanese Yoroi: Samurai Zombie looks awesome, but it could be some time before it hits these shores. No subtitles in the trailer, but it isn’t really like you need a lot of dialog to explain the appeal of samurai zombies or the insane mayhem of the trailer. If you can read Japanese, maybe the movie’s web site will tell you more than it told me.

The trailer for The Dead suggests some pretty scholocky B-movie action, but some of my favorite zombie movies are pure B-movie schlock. It’s also burdened with the most generic title ever — good luck Googling this one. I couldn’t find anything on it after half of an hour of searching. Way to promote your film, guys…

Feeling a little nostalgic? Maybe a little arty? Well, Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated should scratch both of those itches. It’s a multimedia animated reboot of the grandaddy of all modern zombie movies. Fairly original in its own way, and definitely intriguing. Find the web site here.

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