Hated and despised: Dead and Deader

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 2 - 2009

deaddeaderA lot of movies bore me. A fair number of them exasperate me. But very few anger me. It takes a special kind of awful to really make me mad and Dead and Deader fucking enraged me. I hated this movie with the kind of passion usually reserved for people that have done me wrong. Which, I guess, this sort of did. It was another zombie comedy except it wasn’t funny. At all. It was actually aggressively unfunny. Who told Dean Cain he could act? Worse, who told him he had the capacity to be funny, or react to funny things in a realistic manner? I want to hurt that person. I owe them pain.

It was poorly written, terribly acted, horrendously edited and barely coherent. Actually, no — it was completely incoherent. Plot? You want the plot? Yeah, so do I. It was largely missing from the actual movie, which just sort of skipped from moronic set piece to moronic set piece in a haphazard fashion. There were some scorpions that turn people into zombies and some army guys and … uh… who gives a fuck? Clearly not anyone involved in this production. There was a midget though, which was pretty much the movie’s high point.

The worst part is, the production values were clearly decent. And clearly wasted. I’ve seen movies ten times as good as this trash that were shot with budgets that were half what the craft service here probably cost. No one who worked on this should ever be allowed to make another movie, ever, and I wouldn’t watch this again if I was paid handsomely for the task. Avoid at all costs.

7 Responses to “Hated and despised: Dead and Deader

  1. Zombie Aaron says:

    Yo man, link me up. We can discuss the best band of all time: The Zombies.

  2. Zombie Aaron says:

    By the way, I’m still laughing about you calling the midget in the film the “high point”.

  3. Biddie says:

    Too late. I bought this stinker for $7 or something a few months back. I think that your review was too kind.

  4. Cory Casciato says:

    @ Aaron. You’re on my links .. or did you mean something else? And speaking of zombie bands, do you know Zombie Zombie? Or Zombi? Both freaking great in their own way. Maybe I need to do a post on zombie-themed/inspired bands…

    @ Biddie. I am so sorry to hear you wasted good money on this turd. And LOL that my review was too kind. It could only have been harsher if I had either accused it of giving me cancer or wished cancer on its makers.

  5. Zombie Aaron says:

    ah didn’t see that I appreciate it. I haven’t heard either of those bands. I’ll check them out. Although, my taste in music is much better than my taste in movies and cult following. I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate music and zombies, but it’s proving to be difficult.

  6. Jay Clarke says:

    Ugh, I know the feeling you speak of… some movies just make you ashamed to be a horror fan. It takes a while to shake off sometimes.

  7. […] 3) Dead and Deader – This one deserves a special slot in hell, because it takes a recognizable cast, some decent production values (and thus probably a decent budget) and a midget and manages to make a shit sandwich out of it. This is one of the few movies that left me genuinely angry. Seriously, if I met the director, I might still be tempted to punch the guy. It also made me hate Dean Cain even more, but that was its only good point. (Full review here) […]

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