Deadlines: News roundup 5/11/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 11 - 2009


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I’ve got two words for you: zombie prom. Now go look at the pictures and read what that’s all about. (Fangoria)

Can a lone scientist and a super-babe asskicker overcome armageddon, hordes of ravenous zombies and the worst acting and CGI you will ever see to save the human race? These questions and more (such as why does the stock footage look like the best thing in this movie?) are asked in the Experiment 7 trailer (which you can find after the break). (Fangoria)

Jesus, zombies, male stripper, Abraham Lincoln, time travel, apocalypse. No, it’s not the highlights of my last cough-syrup-fueled bender, it’s a bullet list of the major plot points for Jesus Hates Zombies, a suitably insane sounding comic. Geek in the City walks you through it all. (Geek in the City)

The opening cinematic for Prototype, an upcoming game with a lot of zombie-looking enemies (oh, and a hero who says he woke up in a morgue, which strongly implies zombie heritage), is available (no embeds, sorry). It looks okay, but my excitement meter is firmly set at “whatever.” (

Loved that whole zombies-in-space thing happening in Dead Space? Then you will be happy that this tiny tidbit from the Tumblr blog Superannuation implies there will be a Dead Space 2. (superannuation)

Zombies may yet make it to your TV in weekly, serialized drama form. The pilot for Lifeless is supposedly drawing some interest from the shadowy cabal that apparently decide such things. Of course, they’ll probably just decide to put on another doctor show, but we can hope (oh, and there’s five minutes of the pilot embedded after the break). (Quiet Earth)

Lifeless pilot teaser

Lifeless First Five Minutes from Lifeless The Series on Vimeo.

Experiment 7 trailer

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  1. From what I understand, Prototype is more an “alien parasite invasion” or “government genetic experiement gone mutant” game than a “zombie apocalypse” game.

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