Deadlines: News roundup 5/21/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 21 - 2009


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Stealing from the dead is never a hot idea, because as every reader of this site knows, sometimes they refuse to stay dead. Six crooks learn that the hard way in The Crypt (coming June 25), and you can get a taste of it with the trailer, embedded after the break. (Dread Central)

Cannes is generating a buzz for Colin, a microbudget (under $100 if the makers are to be believed!) zombie think piece told from the point of view of a zombie that’s trying to figure out what’s happened to him. It’s a brilliant idea that’s been tried, with limited success, a few times before. Hopefully more info (like a distributor and/or release date) will come out soon. (Times Online)

If you are a Boston resident, you can rest easy knowing your police department is firmly committed to giving you the truth if and when a zombie attack occurs. (Dumb as a Blog)

If you’ve never heard of Zombie Tales 2061, a unique zombie comic that tells of undead supremacy in the far future, your chance to catch up is nigh as a collection of the three short tales that make up the saga is coming this July. You can watch an interview with the writer (Oscar-nominated screenwriter Kim Krizan) and see a ten-page preview here. (Comic Book Resources)

The cover art for the September 25 release of Creepshow on BluRay has been revealed. And it is exactly the old cover art, which is fine. Also, no special features, which is bullshit since there are pre-existing special features that could be added and they are going to ask us to pony up a premium for the hi-def. Why do studios do this? (Dread Central)

In case you were wondering, there was nothing else posted today, just this news post. Fear not, there’s more stuff coming soon.

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