Deadlines: News roundup 5/29/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 29 - 2009


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There’s a slew of DVD release info hitting, some of it contradicting previously asserted info (fun!). We’ve got word of October 13 for Pontypool on DVD (it hit on-demand today for you cable folks) which contradicts the July 21 date DVD Active reports. If I can get anyone at IFC to respond to my queries, I’ll get to the bottom of this. In less confusing news, REC is still slated for June 14 and grave-robbers-meet-zombie-gangsters flick The Crypt is coming to DVD August 11 after a limited theatrical release June 25. You can get a few additional details here. (Fangoria)

The talkmeisters at Fangoria Radio (Sirius channel 108/XM channel 139, satellite radio folks starting at 10 p.m.) will have Pontypool director Bruce McDonald and star Steven Hattie in for a chat. (Fangoria)

If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas (in July), this oil painting of a toy zombie in front of the Seattle Space Needle is perfect, and will only set you back $32.99. (Fangoria)

A sequel to Greek zombie movie Evil (this one apparently called Evil in the Time of Heroes) is coming. There’s a teaser trailer after the break. (Quiet Earth via a Greek blog)

Who says there’s no new ideas in the land of the dead? The standard zombie tropes get twisted up with amnesia-like symptoms that alter the very perception of reality in the no-budget thinker Fugue State. I’m instantly intrigued. And there’s a teaser (which doesn’t really do the idea justice) after the break.

Finally, for those following the Zombie Movie Marathon Month saga, the final film list, in rough order (possibly final, but may undergo minor sequence changes) is also after the break. When we meet again, Zombie Movie Marathon Month will be upon us!

To Kako II teaser

Fugue State

The final film list for the second annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month!

Dead Set
Grapes of Death
I Walked with a Zombie
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
Zombie Honeymoon
Return of the Living Dead
Pet Sematary
Redneck Zombies
The Walking Dead
Resident Evil
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Night of the Living Dead (1990)
Burial Ground
Hell of the Living Dead
Nightmare City
Zombie 3
American Zombie
Day X
Attack Girls Swim Team vs. The Undead
Tokyo Zombie
Enter Zombie King
Messiah of Evil
Zombie Strippers
Sugar Hill

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  1. joshua. says:

    what is sugar hill?

  2. Cory Casciato says:

    A ’70s Blacksploitation flick with a Voodoo priestess who raises the dead to fuck up her enemies. Reportedly full of amazing afros and leisure suits. You will love it.

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