Mostly dead: Undead or Alive

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 7 - 2009

undeadoraliveIs the world ready for a zombie/western comedy with Chris Kattan? Will it ever be ready? The makes of Undead or Alive didn’t bother to ask that question, they just plowed ahead at full speed. The plot give us one of those cliche odd couples on the run, plus an Indian curse that creates zombies, a corrupt sheriff and lots and lots of stupid.

Not surprisingly, the humor here is largely slapstick and juvenile. Surprisingly, some of it actually manages to be funny. And despite being essentially worthless and mostly terrible, I have to admit it was strangely watchable. It was also pretty weird. The ending in particular was just fucking odd — I can’t really say anything about it without spoiling it, but it ranks up there with some of the weirder shit I have seen in any zombie movie and seems wildly out of place in such an essentially lighthearted movie.

I can’t exactly recommend this movie, and I definitely didn’t like it, but it had something … maybe with better leads, or a slightly more polished script, this could have been something worthwhile. As it is, it’s just odd. But if you’ve already seen everything else at the video store or you’re having your own thirty-day zombie fest, it might be worth watching.

3 Responses to “Mostly dead: Undead or Alive

  1. Biddie says:

    This was another $5 purchase at Wal-Mart that I watched when Shawn was out of town.
    I plowed thru it as well, but there is nothing on tv at 2 am. (I was waiting for a late night phone call, or I would have just hit the sack). Nope, I watched all of it.
    The ending was not what I expected, at all. I thought that the movie was headed in another direction and then…
    James Denton was ok as eye candy, but Chris Kattan? I didn’t even like Corky Ramono.

  2. Cory Casciato says:

    I can’t stand Kattan either. Guy is not funny. The ending was pretty whack, right? Definitely not what I was expecting and a little bizarre given the tone of the rest of the movie.

  3. […] first, I thought I was s0me kind of genius for thinking bout doing a Zombie Cowboy comic mixed with an Indian curse (read, thbbbbbbbbbbbbbt) but this is being made nd with Chris Kattan, I don’t if it was good […]

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