Deadlines: News roundup 6/1/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 1 - 2009


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Already blogged about my suggestions for it earlier today (hit that “previous” button if you have overlooked it somehow) but today Valve announced Left 4 Dead 2. An updated director, new survivors, new boss zombies (boo!), new weapons and items, including some sweet-ass melee weapons shown in the trailer (embedded after the break): I couldn’t be more excited. Except about the “more boss zombies.” I’m afraid that adding a bunch more of them is just going to tip things in the direction of silly. (Valve)

If you aren’t sick of Pontypool related info yet, there’s an interview with the director and cast at CinemaBlend. (CinemaBlend)

Some poor bastard in Seattle got arrested when he showed up early to a zombie crawl in a too-convincing costume and a concerned citizen called the cops. The story says he was dressed as a zombie, but for my money the description sounds like he was dressed as Umbrella Corporation security (maybe zombified, though). (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Over the weekend, news broke that work is starting on Quarantine 2. This one will supposedly be a totally new work, unrelated to the coming-soon REC 2 despite the first Quarantine being a shot-for-shot remake of REC. (Bloody Disgusting)

Londoners (or those with the resources to get there) can participate in the world’s biggest zombie walk and be in a mockumentary zombie film called I Spit on Your Rave come August 6, as part of the Big Chill music festival. (Dread Central)

New Yorkers can catch screenings of Dead Air (world premiere!) and Dead Snow (New York premiere!) at Fangoria‘s Weekend of Horrors convention, June 5 through 7. (Fangoria)

The episodic series Lifeless, about the survivors of a global pandemic who must face off against the newly risen dead victims of said pandemic, is said to be getting close to distribution. To celebrate and/or build hype, they’ve released two clips. I’ve got one embedded after the break, Quiet Earth has the other (and a more in-depth synopsis to boot!). (Quiet Earth)

If you like watching the opening minutes of a film in a tiny window of your computer, only to be cut off just when it starts getting good, rejoice, because the first ten minutes of mutant-femme cannibal quasi-zombie laffer Doghouse are online for you to watch in anticipation of the June 12 U.K. release. (Empire)

Another microbudget zombie flick is on the horizon. This one is called Bled White, and it gives us a scenario where survivors of the zombie apocalypse are driven to eat human flesh to survive. The official website says “All Rights Available” which I believe is code for, “Please god, someone buy our movie!” There’s no release date or info on when it might be available in any format, in any case. There is a trailer, after the break. (

Also after the break is a new trailer for Dead Rising 2 that shows off a whole lot of zombies. Whew, can you believe all the news today? It’s like they knew it was Zombie Movie Marathon Month starting tonight and celebrated by choking me with a week’s worth of news. Anyway, tonight’s selection Dead Set will be kicking off as soon as I unwind a bit. Reaction and/or review of it up sometime tomorrow!

Left 4 Dead 2 E3 2009 trailer

Dead Rising 2 E3 2009 trailer

Lifeless clip 1

Lifeless: Clip One from Lifeless The Series on Vimeo.

Bled White trailer

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