Deadlines: News roundup 7/27/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 27 - 2009


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If you loved zombies-in-space epic Dead Space but found yourself wishing, “Gosh, I wish I could just watch this instead of playing it,” you are in luck. The film version is coming. (MTV Movies blog)

And if that news has you excited, you can dig deeper with this Variety piece on the upcoming Dead Space movie, which names DJ Caruso as the director and also has a few more minor details for the hardcore fan. (Variety)

The movie adaptation of awesome novel World War Z marches ever deeper into the waters of development hell as it is announced that Paramount Pictures is seeking a new director (remember, just a while ago, they announced a new screenwriter). Is anyone surprised? This movie is going to be a beast to make and my guess is it will eat several more directors, screenwriters, cadres of producers and maybe a studio or two before  we ever see it. (Bloody Disgusting)

Get some more info on World War Z from the man himself, author Max Brooks. It’s a video and it’s embedded after the jump. (via Fangoria)

If you prefer having movies described to you to actually waiting to see them, enjoy this blow-by-blow account of a couple of scenes from Zombieland. (io9)

Or maybe you’d like some interviews with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer or star Jesse Eisenberg? Click here, or just watch the embedded interviews after the break. (Horror Squad)

Now that British microbudget zombie film Colin has been picked up for theatrical distribution, the BBC speaks with director Marc Price. (BBC)

The iconic “sweater zombie” from Dawn of the Dead is dead. RIP Clayton Hill, we’ll see you again when there’s no more room in hell. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Enjoy an impressive act of San Diego Comic Con cosplay nerdery, as some dude gets all gussied up as a Left 4 Dead Tank — his companions, dressed as Zoe and Bill, had it way easier. (Kotaku)

Three images from French zombie/gangster/cop epic The Horde appeared — Bloody Disgusting has them for you. (Bloody Disgusting)

Cutesy monster toys from Mezco, including a zombie, emerge from Comic Con. (Bloody Disgusting)

Vampires and zombies and mutants, oh my! Marvel Comics has an X-Men/X-Force/New Mutants storyline with some zombies coming up soon. (io9)

If you’re eagerly awaiting Deadlands 2: Trapped, you’ll be thrilled with the details of the upcoming release. (

For comparing their game Zombie School to real school shooting, iPhone developer Retarded Arts (classy name, guys) had their app pulled from the store. Brilliant. (Zombie Command)

World War Z author Max Brooks speaks

Actor Jesse Eisenberg on Zombieland

Director Ruben Fleischer on Zombieland

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