Real, Russian zombies? You be the judge!

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 28 - 2009

Update: My knowledgeable commenters have informed me this is a viral video for the PC shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but it is still fun and worth a watch. Nicely played, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. producers. Nicely played, indeed.

The video embedded above has been making the rounds of the Internets for a while now, and this is by no means the first zombie site to have featured it. But it’s pretty interesting and I’d be remiss in not putting it out there for my audience of zombie aficionados. The video purports to be footage of a man being chased and attacked by … something. Real-life zombies? Sure, why not! It’s shot from a helicopter, it would fit right into any zombie apocalypse movie you care to name and it’s well worth the forty-some seconds it will take to watch it. Is it real? Eh, Occam’s razor tells me it probably is some kind of promo for a Russian zombie movie or TV show, but who knows? It looks fairly convincing to my untrained eye. If it is real, I think I need to step up my zombie apocalypse plans to Defcon 3. What do you all think?

29 Responses to “Real, Russian zombies? You be the judge!”

  1. Gunn says:

    If they’re zombies, why do they have heat signatures?

  2. Cory Casciato says:

    Who’s to say how zombie physiology would work? Maybe they are the more modern, 28 Days Later, Infected-type zombies? Or maybe Russia is just that fucked up that this is what punk teenagers do for fun?

  3. CrzyDJM says:

    That was badass dude…

  4. Lionman says:

    It’s a viral for a PC shooter called S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Shadow of Chernobyl.

    Don’t know if it’s any good or not but that’s the original source for this clip. Annoyingly I can’t seem to find any copies of the original advert anywhere only edited versions on youtube claiming to be an actual zombie attack or a teaser for 28 months later.

  5. SeanN says:

    sadly, super-fake; the individual drops of blood wouldn’t show up on a FLIR. i’m a former infantryman who’s spent a lot of time looking through IR, and it’s just not that good at picking up details.

  6. skeptic says:

    I’m less concerned about the warm blooded zombies and more concerned about the dude in a cape with an assault rifle. I always figured zombies would go after the helpless ones first.

  7. jordan says:

    Apparently, it’s from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  8. Cory Casciato says:

    Thanks for the knowledge, commenters! I figured it had to be something like a viral video ad campaign, and now I know.

  9. zed says:

    these zombies are running fast.i mean think of it like an animated robot ,it would be imposible for these things to move so fast and swiftly without falling a hobbie geek that means i study this stuff and thats not real.gunn your right because of the fact zombies have been reanimated they would not show up with a cour temp ecspechaly on a flir. if they did have a cour temp it would be much easer to find a way to cure the solanum virus .but since zombies are phisicaly dead its not posible there for that video is fake.

  10. Borderman says:

    Unless youv seen a zombie, survived a zombie apocolypse and studied the after math, you dnt know shit……..sorry but come one!!!

  11. Shawn says:

    if it were real why would any goverenment let it be put on the net for this long?

  12. Surviver says:

    well the goverenments thinks that the ginral publik is so simpl minded that thay would argue thus not think thay are real but i say thay are. so what are good survivl idas? not unresonael relplys

  13. grishnakt says:

    Looks real to me.

  14. chez says:

    maybe they are just really hungry russians

  15. Rad says:

    they remind me of the fast clawed zombies ive dreamt of

  16. jett says:

    its fake thats bullshit its fake effects like in holly wood

  17. guillermo says:

    Thay recored it in thermal so only the guy would have appeared
    Zombies are dead so thay cat emmit body heat

  18. logan says:

    i was readin like a month agao, and there was research in the 50’s tht they were doing super soldier testing, and it went horribally wrong.

  19. douglas says:

    There many forms of zombies.the most feared are the dead reanimated ones.who would be slow cause there bodies are breaking down cause of no blood circulation who will eventually be unable to move from total deteriation.then there’s the super virus/bacteria/possibly fungi infected humans now these ones should be able to run jump do pretty much everything we do.that’s a scary thought.and we know rabies is a genius virus which is why in all human history its only been beat one time.and it makes the host bite anything and everything to pass itself on to stay alive.and then there’s zombies who can be made by other people.itshappens all the time.there’s an exotic plant in jamiaca that grows there that has the ability to erase a persons entire memory and then put in there feeble mind what ever you want them to say u mix that with a drug that makes a person totally aggresive and insane!home made zombie!

  20. vampy012 says:

    i think that they should hunt the ( zombies) to see if there real

  21. Brittany says:

    It’s a video from a game, and is not real. A zombie apocalypse will not happen. Read the bible, and read it correctly. It’s sad how many people, including the news think it’ll happen. The anti-christ comes, along with suffering of famine, murder, etc. Cannibalism is part of it, but not in a form of zombies. Here’s you go.

  22. I have seen the light! I will never watch another zombie movie! Nothing but cannibal, murder, famine movies from here on in!

  23. fuckyou says:


  24. a little worried says:

    I just read all these comments, and if this is all the people that are prepared for some sort of apocalypse, I’m really worried that when we work on repopulating the earth, all the coming generations will be ridiculously horrible spellers. seriously.

    But then again, I have a feeling stupid people don’t have much of a chance anyway.

    No point in calling me a bitch, because I won’t come back to read it.

  25. The Truth says:

    Okay check it out there is a true video that goes with this, in the area of russia known as Chernobyl sorry if i mispelled it, anyway that area is were this supposed radioactive lab or plant exploded and spewed a lot of radiation. Now I have the second video to show u guys nd tell me what yall think, this other video is about 2 hikers in around that same zone where this fake video of this game stalker that yall sayin is fake but it takes place in this same zone, Chernobyl. Anyway the hikers are walkin thru the woods and they see a man hunched over like he eatin somethin off the ground and very quickly stares at the camera which at that point scares the shit out the 2 hikers and they run away. Something is goin on esp. with the bath salt case in miami, just check out the video. So if this one about a marine gettin chased by a horde of zombies is fake stalker game then u tell me what the fuuckk is the video about them hikers? That one is 100% real.
    Its in spanish nd they combined that video with this stalker game video, the spanish media is convinced this shit real watch it. go to youtube then type “extranormal zombies” watch it. And if one of u dumass bitches say its fake i dare ur scary ass to go buy a plane ticket, fly to russia, chernobyl and check that area out. Bring ur camera to film it so i can see how the zombies there tear ur guts out, i dare u go. U wont, why cuz u a scaryass bitch that stay at home and type bullshit on blogs like this (my logic is flawless)waitin for sumone to risk their lives like them hikers did to bring yall sum real shit nd u fuckheads dont appreciate that, all u guys do is talk shit. so next muthafuka who say them videos are fake then go out there nd prove its fake unless u really are a scarybitch. King Love Folks Killa I got my guns fuck zombies fuck Martial Law fuck Illuminati/Masons, Im down for mine come get it government i know u got my isp routing number down, only thing i fear is God yall 1% top of the pyramid high class will get ur turn nd when it comes i hope u burn in hell for the shit u have done to these people, swine flu nd h1n1 virus nd now ur wars to make a new world order, im done I hope i opened yall minds if not i tried. Keep a gun at ur house when the fema camps start happening we have to over throw the government its us or them. Read the bible everythin on there is true, r.i.p Jesus Christ make room for a true nigga like me in heaven ill fight to protect my family, Im not gettin no chip inside me, nd dwell undergroung as a slave for the restof my life, im not going out like that.

  26. Alex says:

    First off, the idea of zombies (people coming back from the dead)is impossible unless magic existed. However, feral humans can be the explanation along with a mind or behavior altering infection/virus. Humans without a conscience can explain why they didn’t react to getting shot, and if they were feral, they would have a good amount of adrenaline in their system, which can explain the abnormal strength.

  27. youssefprice006 says:

    i finish all stalkers games and i dont finde this video in any of them

  28. Chris says:

    It’s a reasonably well put together little clip. (Though it seems to me they managed to rip that body apart rather too easily.) But real??? LOL!

    Well, I guess people believe what they want to believe. Mind you… not entirely sure why people would want to believe in zombies.

    Personally, I prefer to believe that I’m completely irresistable to Russian bikini models. ;) Slightly more believable than zombies… but only slightly.

  29. swag says:


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