ZMMM Dailies: 6/30/2009 – Sugar Hill

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 1 - 2009

sugarhill1The second annual Zombie Movie Marathon month is history, folks. It wrapped up with the 1974 blaxploitation-meets-zombie film Sugar Hill. At its heart, this is a very basic revenge story. A guy gets murdered by gangsters, his girlfriend goes after the gangsters for revenge. With zombies. In an interesting and rarely used twist, this movie really played up the voodoo angle, utilizing not just zombies but voodoo dolls and rituals, a voodoo-drum heavy soundtrack and a starring role for voodoo god/spirit Baron Samedi. Pretty sweet stuff.

I really enjoyed this depsite the corny overacting and simplistic plot. A big part of that enjoyment was due to the design and look of the zombies. They were covered in cobwebs, with weird, silver eyes and unwavering expressions. They were mostly silent, but a few of them let out a growl or hiss here and there if I recall correctly. I’m actually somewhat surprised no one has used that look since.

Apart from the great zombies it was pretty fun, and the lead actress Marki Bey, as Diana Hill/Sugar Hill, looked hot in her sweet ’70s jumpsuit. This was very much a ’70s film, especially in the dialogue and wardrobe. Overall the movie just screamed “period piece.” But a fun, if somewhat embarrassing, period to revisit. Oh, and it had a death by being dumped into a bunch of hungry pigs, a good fifteen years or so before Hannibal did the same thing.

So that is that! Over the coming days and weeks some more traditional reviews of some of these movies will trickle out, plus other non-ZMMM posts for a change of pace. Oh, and I will be doing some kind of wrap up post or posts soonish, as well. Hope you enjoyed the marathon as much as I did!

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