Review: Screaming Zombie energy drink

Posted by Cory Casciato On September - 1 - 2009

zombieNRGA while back, I caught wind of a new, zombie-themed energy drink. In the post I mentioned I was sure it was some generic swill, but that I’d be happy to try it to see if I was wrong. The distributor took me up on the offer, sent me a can and now, my review.

Ingredients: Pretty standard mix of energy drink basics. 1000mg taurine, 75mg caffeine, some guarana (basically more caffeine) and panax ginseng extract (smooths out and boosts the buzz, in my experience). 27 grams of sugar for extra zing! All that adds up to 110 calories, in case you’re counting. Me, I’m a scrawny fuck, so I am not.

szcupAppearance: You can see what the label looks like up top, there. It’s a little cheesy, but not too bad. The actual drink has a pale, golden color, similar to ginger ale and definitely less “colored” than Red Bull. Actually looks quite appetizing — see for youself there to the left.

Flavor: The flavor reminded me of Monster’s base flavor, with the caveat that I haven’t had a Monster energy drink in two years or so — I could be misremembering or they could have changed the flavor in that time. It seemed slightly less sweet than what I remember Monster tasting, which was good because the reason I haven’t had Monster in two years is it is way too sweet for me. Honestly, this was also a bit sweet for my taste. And it had a lingering aftertaste that would not go away. It wasn’t bad, but definitely not one of my favorite energy drink flavors.

Buzz: The most important measure of an energy drink is the kick and I thought this one was just fine in that regard. I substituted it for my morning coffee and was able to get my day off to a reasonable start with its help. And it had more legs than my morning joe — the one can kept me going through lunch time.

Mixability: I didn’t get to test its ability to mix with booze, since, as mentioned, I kicked my day off with it and I try hard not to start on hard liquor first thing in the morning. I think some vodka would cut that sweetness nicely, so I could see this going down just fine as a mixer at a haunted house party. Just supposition, though — I have no evidence. If they want to send me another can, I promise to mix this one with vodka and get back to you, though…

Verdict: Not bad, but not great. Monster fans who want to honor the undead might really dig it. I’d drink it in a pinch, but that sweetness and lingering aftertaste keep it from being top tier for me. Worthy of the name zombie? Well, it’s not going to bring anyone back from the dead, but it certainly opened my eyes in the morning and I have to admit I am yearning to develop a vodka zombie cocktail using it as a base.

Get more info or order a case from the Screaming Zombie website.

3 Responses to “Review: Screaming Zombie energy drink”

  1. lol! I love the review, especially how you treat it like you’re going to a wine tasting. :)

  2. Rob the zombie slayer says:

    But the real question is:

    Does it provide resistance against the Solanum virus? If so, it should be condensed for easy storage in your bug-out bag (or Z-Pack as the Z-wary are calling it)

  3. Cory Casciato says:

    @Andrea – Thanks for the kind words.

    @Rob – if it does, it’s an off-label use. Couldn’t hurt to include a can — if nothing else it might give you the extra burst of stamina needed to trek a few more mile to the frozen wastelands up north or a fortified zone.

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