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Posted by Cory Casciato On September - 28 - 2009


If you’ve visited the site before today, you undoubtedly notice a few changes. Today marks the official launch of the newly redesigned Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. In addition to some spiffy new graphics, courtesy of the one and only Alert, the entire site has been redesigned to both look better and make it easier to find the best content on the site. If you want to read about what’s new, it awaits you after the break.

To that end, you’ll see a bar under the logo showing four featured stories. Hit those arrows on either side and you’ll get two more. So now you can catch up on the recent hotness even if you go MIA for a week or two while fighting the zombie hordes. Below that, on the right, is a rotator that cycles through another set of featured content. This will change from time to time, but will be used to showcase everything from my personal favorite posts to seasonal material.

Going down, you’ll see a video box, which currently show an amusing video I found on the web. Eventually that will feature exclusive, original video content — stay tuned! You can also find the most popular content, most commented posts and most recent comments in this area — please join in the conversation! And on each post, you’ll see buttons to submit to your favorite social networking sites. Please use these to share what you like — it’s a big web and it’s hard to get the word out without a little help.

There’s also some sponsor links and an Amazon store, now. A guy’s got to make a living. I hope if you see something you like, you’ll help a brother out with some clicks or a purchase from the store — it’s all the great stuff you find at Amazon, at the usual great prices. I just get a tiny slice of it in exchange for helping you pick out the best movies, books and games with zombies in them. We’ll have some of our own shirts, stickers and other stuff soon, too.

Oh, and if you’re reading this on your fancy smart phone, you’ll probably notice the minimal, streamlined, mobile-friendly theme you see has none of the navigation features I mentioned above. But it does load fast! You can turn it off if you want the full site in your pocket.

Over the past few weeks, the site has slowly become almost exclusively news oriented, with only the occasional non-new post in the mix. Well, to go along with this sweet redesign, I intend to get back to posting quality, original content on a regular basis, so please check back often. You can keep up with me via the site RSS feed or follow the site’s official Twitter feed. You can even get notified of updates, and get the odd piece of exclusive content, on the site’s Facebook fan page.

I’d definitely like to hear your opinion on the new look and features, so leave me a comment or drop a line. Finally, if you see anything weird or broken, please let me know that, too. If you don’t want to leave a public comment, just e-mail cory.caciato[at]gmail.com.

Thanks, and happy zombie readings!

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