Deadlines: News roundup 2/9/10

Posted by Cory Casciato On February - 9 - 2010


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Space zombie fans on Xbox 360 and PS3 may get a shot at playing the on-rails spin-off Dead Space: Extraction soon if rumors of it coming to those platforms as a downloadable game turn out to be true. (Kotaku)

The lovable zombie girl who ate mommy in the original Night of the Living Dead (Kyra Schon) now makes handmade, horror-themed jewelry. Which means A) we live in the strangest of all possible worlds and B) I sense a future installment of Fashion Zombie covering some of her pieces… (Dread Central)

One blogger uses his experiences with Left 4 Dead 2 to explain why he probably won’t survive the coming zombie apocalypse. (Exercising Monsters)

A zombie walk and a screening of Zombieland at one of America’s oldest operating theaters are recounted in this recap. Plus, pictures of zombies! (io9)

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