Deadlines: News roundup 3/22/10

Posted by Cory Casciato On March - 22 - 2010


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One of the original Left 4 Dead survivors won’t survive much longer! The new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC episode “The Passing” will feature just three survivors, one having given up his (or her?) life to let the others live. Then, in a follow-up prequel DLC episode for the original Left 4 Dead will let you play out those events yourself. There’s also a comic coming to stitch the story together. (Gametrailers TV)

It looks like my prayers (see here) have been answered! Rumor has it (nothing official, yet) that REC 2 is coming to US theaters in July and hitting DVD in October. Hurrah! (Bloody Disgusting)

Nashville is having a zombie prom called Promocalypse April 24. Put on a tux and nice throat wound and relive your undead high school glory!

There will be a Return of the Living Dead reunion at this year’s Monsterpalooza, April 9-11 in Burbank, California. Clu Gulager, Lianna Quigley, Dorothy Randolph, Thom Mathews, Don Calfa, John Philbin, Brian Peck, Allen Trautman and William Stout will appear. (Dread Central)

The After Dark Horrorfest IV movies hit retail tomorrow, including Zombies of Mass Destruction (review here) which is definitely worth seeing and one I expect many people will want to own. (Bloody Disgusting)

Get the details on the final issue of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency comic. (Dread Central)

Enjoy this report on a Zombies vs. Humans games at CU Boulder. There’s also video, which you can find embedded below. (Daily Camera)

A flash mob of zombies hit Daley Plaza in Chicago. (TimeOut Chicago)

An advice columnist gives some half-decent advice on what to do in case swine flu turns out to be the first stage in a zombie apocalypse. (Daily Evergreen)

A fellow zombie blogger asks, “What’s a good first zombie movie?” For his three-year-old. But don’t worry (or call Child Protective Services!), he’s going to save it for later. He just wants to start planning. (A World on Fire)

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