Fashion Zombie: Raccoon City’s nice this time of year

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 17 - 2010

Sometimes, you want a zombie shirt that drips gore and shouts horror. Other times, you want a zombie shirt with a touch more subtlety, and for those times, you could do a lot worse than this week’s Fashion Zombie entry, “Raccoon City Welcomes You.” On the off chance you aren’t familiar with Raccoon City, it’s the fictional locale that features heavily in the Resident Evil series and a place that frequently suffers zombie outbreaks. The shirt only hints at this, meaning you can go out in public, perhaps with a zombie-hating spouse or family member, without attracting undue attention from the mundanes. At the same time, you can be sure any true zombie aficionado will recognize you as one of their own. That’s a win-win.

You can pick this shirt up from animescreendotcom’s Etsy shop for the eminently reasonable price of $15.95. Word is, each one is made to order and the seller guarantees satisfaction nine ways from Sunday.

I’m attempting to assemble an all zombie-themed wardrobe. Fashion Zombie is my weekly post detailing the coolest zombie-themed clothes and accessories I can find. Check back every Monday for another look at the hottest zombie apparel.

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  1. […] our last Raccoon City shirt, this one can easily fly under the radar if you feel the need to wear some zombie gear to a meet-up […]

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