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Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 26 - 2010

It’s hard to believe, but the third annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month starts in less than a week. Easier to believe is that the planning is coming down to the last possible minute. That’s just how I roll, there’s no avoiding it. That being the case, there’s still plenty of time for you all to weigh in with some suggestions. Below the break, I’ll explain what this years themes are, give you the preliminary list of movies I’m considering and solicit your input on the which should stay, which should go and what I should add. If you are currently asking yourself ‘Zombie movie mara-what now?” then read the ZMMM 3.0 Intro post, which includes complete lists of what was watched in years one and two.

Last year my themes were Italy and Japan — I did five movies from each country over two blocks of five days. This year, my two themes will be short films and mainstream zombie movies! If I can find enough short films, I intend to watch one each day as an intro/warm up for the main course. If not, I will do that for as many as I can find.

The second theme, mainstream movies, should be … interesting. Mainstream Hollywood has produced some odd entries in the genre over the years, most of which fall well outside the scope of the typical zombie movie. A lot of these are truly terrible, despite the presence of recognizable “stars” and name directors. Some are fun but odd. Plus, it will let me catch up on the Resident Evil film series in time for Afterlife. I’ve only seen the first one so far (you’re probably saying, “What?!?” right now. It’s true. Crazy, I know). Anyway, I am not sure how many I will do, but it could well be more than five.

Now, the lists. A single * means its part of the Mainstream theme. Two ** means I’ve seen it before. Three *** means both.


  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse*
  • Resident Evil: Extinction*
  • My Boyfriend’s Back*
  • Death Becomes Her*
  • Deathdream
  • Dead & Breakfast
  • Cemetery Man**
  • Colin
  • They Came Back (aka Les Revenants)
  • Return of the Evil Dead


  • Pet Sematary 2*
  • REC 2
  • Dead & Buried
  • House by the Cemetery
  • Invisible Invaders
  • Zombies of Mora Tau
  • Night of the Living Dead**
  • The Child
  • The Dead Pit
  • Autumn

Possibly. Maybe. I don’t know…

  • Dead Heat***
  • Weekend at Bernies 2*
  • The Vineyard
  • Garden of the Dead
  • Corpses
  • Gamma 693 (aka Night of the Zombies)
  • Zeder (aka Revenge of the Dead)
  • Maniac Cop
  • Zombie Cop
  • The Children
  • Shatter Dead
  • The Stink of Flesh
  • Mass Acre Hill
  • The Zombie Diaries**
  • Mud Zombies
  • Plaga Zombie & Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante
  • The Knackery
  • Dance of the Dead**
  • Sabbath
  • The Necro Files

Shorts (all of these are a go)

  • Parasol Island Dead
  • Gay Zombie
  • Zombie Movie
  • Zombie Western: It Came from the West
  • A Terrorist Ate My Brain
  • What to Do in a Zombie Attack
  • Guy’s Guide to Zombies
  • Tofu the Vegan Zombie in Zombie Dearest
  • Blekinge of the Dead
  • Biohazard 4D
  • Zombie Chomp
  • Unsettled
  • Delenda est Genesis
  • Game of the Dead
  • Hunting Creatures
  • Los Living Dead
  • See the Dead
  • Z3D5
  • Zombies and Cigarettes
  • I Love Sarah Jane
  • Le Queloune

As you can see, I am about 9 short for my shorts list, so I could really use some help there. Names are great, links are better with the shorts!

Otherwise, have at those suggestions. What’s a must-see, what’s a must-avoid-at-all-cost and what did I miss. Are there additional mainstream zombie movies (besides obvious ones like Zombieland!) that I missed? All commenters get my eternal gratitude!

9 Responses to “ZMMM 3.0 Update”

  1. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    How short is considered a short film. Xombie: Dead on Arrival is a 50 minute animated movie I’ve had my eye on. Can’t speak to how good it is because I haven’t seen it yet.

    Death Becomes Her is not a zombie movie! You might as well put Weekend at Bernies II or Robocop on there too, then.

    You’ve seen Zombie Diaries and your’e willing to watch it again? You’re crazy!

  2. Jond76 says:

    Lol. He did put Weekend at Bernies 2 on there. Maybe ‘Mulberry Street’? I can’t believe Night of the Creeps isn’t on there! Watch it for the new HD transfer.

    I agree on Zombie Diaries. Eek.

  3. @Zombie Shakespeare: Yeah, like I said, the mainstream zombie movies are pretty off the wall. But both Death Becomes Her and Weekend at Bernies 2 have reanimated dead people, so… As for Zombie Diaries, yes, it is a mess. But I watched it so long ago that I don’t feel comfortable reviewing it without another viewing, so into the fray I must. Maybe not now, but eventually. And 50 minutes is more like “short feature” than “short” but I will consider it if I need to.

    @Jond76 I just reviewed Mulberry street a few weeks ago. Not ready to watch it again. I do love Night of the Creeps too, but I don’t have the cash to buy the Blu, so I’ll save it for next years ZMMMM.

    Also, to both of you: You guys have been awesome commenters lately. I have noticed and it is appreciated.

    @gar: I really like Tokyo Zombie, but it was part of last years marathon.

  4. jond76 says:

    No sweat, glad to contribute..

    btw, Severed: Forest of the Dead is one to consider. Its no classic but its better that some on the list (Bernies 2) and has some good moments.

  5. Screw this list says:

    The Resident Evil movies are horrible zombie films.

  6. @Jond76: Severed was okay. A little wooden (if you’ll forgive the pun…)

    @Screw This List: You know, if you took a minute to see what was going on, you’d realize that I probably agree with you, since I’ve seen about 200 zombie movies yet haven’t got around to either of the sequels yet … the point of my yearly marathon isn’t to see the best movies over and over again, it’s to see new movies, sprinkled with a few that I feel a need to rewatch. And these aren’t the only zombie movies I watch each year, just my most intensive period. Anyway, feel free to keep slagging me off without having any fucking clue what’s going on.

  7. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    What about Night of the Comet for a mainstream movie?

  8. @Zombie Shakespeare – I love me some Night of the Comet. It’s one of the first ten or so reviews I did for this very site. But I just saw a theatrical screening of it like a month ago, so it feels a little pointless to revisit it so soon. Great suggestion, though.

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