Zombie Movie Marathon Month 3.0

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 6 - 2010

Hark! The third annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month approaches! June is just a few short weeks away and that means it’s almost time for my annual thirty-day, thirty-film zombie marathon. If you’re not familiar with the tradition, you can read last year’s introductory post, orlast year’s wrap up post or even the whole batch of posts tagged with Zombie Movie Marathon Month to get up to speed. Or just keep reading this and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is going on by the end.

Seeing as how the initial ZMMM was more or less responsible for the birth of this site, it’s kind of a big deal to me. But what does it mean to you?

Well, zombie movies seem to be the favorite way for most of you to enjoy zombies, so it means more coverage of what you like best. I plan to organize a public screening or two if I can manage it, so if you are in Denver, you can join me (if you are in Denver and have a location in mind where I could do a public screening, please contact me!). And naturally, you can use it as an excuse to indulge in a marathon of your own — no matter how much you love zombies, you’ll love them even more after a concentrated exposure to them.

If you’re a blogger yourself and you want some exposure for your site, you should join me in at least some of the month. If you cover a film I’m watching in the same month and let me know, I will link to it (I ask that you link back to me too). If you watch a slate of zombie films in June that are different, but it’s enough to be considered a marathon in its own right (say a week’s worth, or three in a night) and write about that, I will link to you. You get the idea.

I also need some help to pick the movies. I need thirty movies, and I’d like to continue my tradition of watching mostly new-to-me films. Please suggest some movies, bearing in mind I’ve seen most of the “classics.” Give me your obscure picks, overlooked gems and other, less obvious choices. I’ve also had some fun with themes (last year I did five days of Japan and five days of Italy), so if you have a theme suggestion, throw it this way. And finally, let me know how you’d like me to cover it. Last year I did daily reaction pieces (you can find them under the Zombie Movie Marathon Month tag) and I will probably do something similar this year, unless you all tell me you hated those, or have a better suggestion. I’ll also consider any other ideas you’ve got — live blogging, live tweeting, video logs, whatever. Just tell me what you’d like to see.

Below you’ll find the lists of movies I’ve viewed in the first two years of the marathon (the ones with asterisks were films I had seen before including them in the marathon). In a week or two, I’ll post a list of strong contenders from this year, hopefully at least partially based on your recommendations. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got.

Year one movie list:

Diary of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead*
The Quick and the Undead
Planet Terror
Zombie Night
Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane
Last Man on Earth
Zombies Anonymous
Dawn of the Dead (remake)
Dawn of the Dead (original)*
I Am Omega
Automaton Transfusion
Undead or Alive
Night of the Dead: Leben Tod
The Plague
Return of the Living Dead*
28 Weeks Later*
Days of Darkness
Day of the Dead*
Boy Eats Girl
Dead Heist
Dead and Deader
The Dead Next Door
I, Zombie
Land of the Dead
Dead Alive

Year two movie list:
Dead Set
Grapes of Death
I Walked with a Zombie
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
Zombie Honeymoon
Return of the Living Dead*
Pet Sematary*
Redneck Zombies
The Walking Dead
Resident Evil*
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Night of the Living Dead (1990)*
Burial Ground*
Hell of the Living Dead
Nightmare City
Zombie 3
American Zombie
Day X
Attack Girls Swim Team vs. The Undead
Tokyo Zombie
Enter Zombie King
Messiah of Evil
Zombie Strippers
Sugar Hill

6 Responses to “Zombie Movie Marathon Month 3.0”

  1. Jond76 says:

    Dead Heat is a favorite of mine.
    Dead Girl ( strange but could be an origin story)
    Dead Set

  2. Jond76 says:

    Also: Night of the Creeps

  3. Figured I’d throw in a few suggestions for you! (I’ve obviously taken liberties with a few of these suggestions being outbreak movies done in the style of zombie movies)

    Alice Jacobs Is Dead
    Attack of the Vegan Zombies
    Dead Girl
    Dead Snow
    Dr. S. Battles The Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie
    Life Room
    OC Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown
    Return Of The Living Dead 2
    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil: Degeneration
    Survival Of The Dead
    Zombie Dearest
    Zombie Girl: The Movie
    Zombie Women of Satan
    Zombies of Mass Destruction
    Zombies Zombies Zombies

  4. Kel says:

    Dead and Breakfast
    Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2
    28 DAYS Later (since you’ve already done 28 Weeks Later)

  5. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    The Mad
    Zombies of Mass Destruction
    Dead Snow
    I Sell the Dead

    And if you’re looking for a really bad movie: Graveyard Alive

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