ZMMM 3.0 Launch

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 1 - 2010

June has arrived and with it, Zombie Movie Marathon Month 3.0! I’m kicking things off tonight with Night of the Living Dead and a short film to be determined. The additional 29 feature films can be found below. I’ll determine which short films I watch each night in a random manner.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll see daily reaction pieces on the previous evening’s viewing. These aren’t full reviews (although sometimes they come close) but just a quick reaction from em to what I have just seen. For June, these reaction pieces, the daily news roundup and Fashion Zombie will be all you see. I won’t have time to work on much else, but the usual schedule will return in July. Remember, if you are doing any zombie movie marathoning and blogging/Tweeting/Facebooking about it, let me know so I can link to you and share the joy. And you can always find all the ZMMM coverage via the dedicated Zombie Movie Marathon Month tag.

The List

  1. Night of the Living Dead*
  2. Colin
  3. Night of the Zombies (aka Gamma 693)
  4. REC 2
  5. Death Becomes Her***
  6. The Necro Files
  7. Les Revenants
  8. The Signal
  9. Autumn
  10. Weekend at Bernie’s 2**
  11. Return of the Evil Dead
  12. Zombies of Mora Tau
  13. Dead & Breakfast
  14. Dead Meat
  15. Resident Evil: Apocalypse**
  16. Resident Evil: Extinction**
  17. Dead & Buried*
  18. The House by the Cemetery
  19. My Boyfriend’s Back**
  20. Invisible Invaders
  21. The Children
  22. Pet Sematary 2**
  23. The Child
  24. The Dead Pit
  25. Fido*
  26. Dead Heat***
  27. Maniac Cop
  28. The Vineyard
  29. Deathdream
  30. Cemetery Man*

A single * means I’ve seen the movie before. Two ** mean it’s part of the “zombie movies of the mainstream” theme. Three means both (I’ve seen it before, and it is part of the theme). The number before it is the day I will be watching it on. I’ve also selected two alternates: The Dead Next Door and Lifeforce. I’ll pull them out if something goes wrong with one of the other movies (bad disc, late Netflix delivery, whatever).

A few other notes: If you have a sharp eye, you’ll notice my notations of movies I have seen before has changed slightly from my preliminary list. This is not because I saw them since then, it’s because I am a dumb ass and forgot to note them the first time around. Also, regarding that list, I added three movies not on it — Fido, The Signal and Dead Meat, since they have been in my Netflix instant queue for ages. I figured, if not now, then when? Especially Fido, a movie that people ask me to cover all the time. We’ll see if a second viewing changes my initial unimpressed opinion of it.

Finally, WTF is with the bonus bullet points at the bottom, there? There’s nothing in the HTML. I dunno. Any help from web design wiz kids is appreciated.

2 Responses to “ZMMM 3.0 Launch”

  1. Jond76 says:

    Dead Meat is not too bad. Good luck!

  2. @Jond76 – Thanks for the well wishes.

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