ZMMM Dailies: 6/15/2010 – Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 16 - 2010

Let me point out the obvious. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is pretty goddamn dumb. It’s a comic-book action movie loosely based on a videogame known for an incredibly convoluted and melodramatic storyline. With zombies. That said, it was also pretty fun. Shut off your brain, relax and float downstream.

I can see why “serious” zombie fans would hate these movies. They are utterly lacking in the sort of subtext and symbolism we enjoy in the best zombie films. On the other hand, there are two hot women that spend the entire movie in skimpy clothing kicking, stabbing and shooting zombies and other bad guys in the face. You don’t come to these movies to be enlightened, you come to be entertained. And I was entertained.

This one picks up right where the original Resident Evil movie left off and we get to watch the downfall of Raccoon City. Bad, evil corporate types from Umbrella use the catastrophe to try out their newest weapon, Nemesis. Nemesis is a seven or eight foot tall mutant zombie beast with a sweet custom leather trenchcoat outfit. He also carries a gatling gun and rocket launcher. Lots of people run around trying to not get eaten and escape the city. Lots of shit explodes. Alice (Milla Jovovich) turns out to have super powers from exposure to the T-Virus that creates the zombies. She fights Nemesis then they escape but she dies (maybe?). But then she is back and her friends rescue her (maybe?) and we are ready for the sequel!

Like I said, pretty dumb. Fairly formulaic, too. But fun! If you ever wanted to see superheroes fight zombies, this is your chance. And the stunts, while ridiculous and utterly unconvincing, are still cool. It’s impossible to not enjoy it when a motorcyclist crashes through a stained glass window, uses the bike as a projectile, then shoots it so it explodes as soon as it hits its target. That’s just fun for the whole family.

I’m really glad I waited so long to see these movies. I used to be a lot snobbier about this stuff and I think my stuck-uppedness would have prevented me from enjoying the movie for what it is a few years ago. It’s not a great movie, but it is a good time.

I watched a Japanese animated Resident Evil film for my short. It’s called Biohazard 4D Executer and it was apparently made for Japanese TV about ten years ago. It’s a little RE game universe side story about an Umbrella strike team trying to recover a missing scientist working on (what else) bioweapons derived from the T-Virus. It was fine, reminded me a bit of the Resident Evil: Degeneration (review here) CGI anime film. It’s embedded below (in two parts, only way I could find it online).

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