Fashion Zombie: Zombies in Wonderland

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 5 - 2010

One of the great things about zombies is how well they “mashup.” Not mashup as in mashed potato, but mashup as in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where they mix a classic book (or whatever) with the all-time classic of zombies. Or, in this case, mashing up zombies with Alice in Wonderland, a far, far more entertaining and accessible work than Pride and Prejudice (sorry Jane Austen fans, but you know it’s the truth). And today’s shirt has everything you’d want from an Zombie/Wonderland mashup: zombie Red Queen, a decapitated white rabbit, a scary-ass Cheshire Cat looming over it all and more.

It’s yet another Threadless design, and I know I feature a lot of their shirts, but hey: they are awesome. This one is brand new and it will cost you $20 to own it (or $45 for the same design on a hoodie), but remember, they frequently have sales if that’s a bit too steep. See it on an actual shirt being worn by a real human being below.

I’m attempting to assemble an all zombie-themed wardrobe. Fashion Zombie is my weekly post detailing the coolest zombie-themed clothes and accessories I can find. Check back every Monday for another look at the hottest zombie apparel.

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