Review: Night of the Zombies

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 21 - 2010

Once upon a time there was a porn star named Jamie Gillis. And that porn star went on to try his hand at acting in a zombie movie called Night of the Zombies (aka Gamma 693, Night of the Zombies 2 and probably a handful of other names). And since Gillis had the acting range and skill of a heavy, wooden plank, that movie was bad.

Oh, and it didn’t help that the story was nonsense, the writing was shit, the effects crappy, the pacing painfully slow and the sound and lighting totally deficient. So is there any reason — any reason at all — to see Gamma 693?

Well, it does feature a former porn star as a secret agent, and that has to count for something. Right? Ahem.

Anyway, the story is about him trying to recover a canister of gas, the somewhat titular Gamma 693, which makes people immortal. Sort of. As long as they either get fresh doses regularly, or eat people, they remain April fresh. Sans either, they quickly rot into an icky, gooey mess and then into bones. So he and a weirdo doctor guy go traipsing around Germany looking for the stuff. Some people turn up dead. They find the zombies, who are a group of American and German soldiers from World War II (what, no Russians, English or French?) who are now working together and plotting to take over the world. Then the doctor turns out to be a zombie and the movie ends in pointless ambiguity. Pretty dumb stuff.

Night of the Zombies/US/1981

This movie was viewed as part of my third annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month — read the initial Night of the Zombies reaction piece.

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