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Posted by Cory Casciato On August - 25 - 2010

Original photo by Clark Mackey

It’s time for poll results. Actually, it’s well past time, because the two open polls have been running for quite a while now — one since last November! Sorry about that — I get busy. Freelance writing isn’t really a terribly lucrative profession — in order to keep the bills paid, I have to work a lot. Anyway, enough about my poor, suffering existence. Let’s talk about zombies! More to the point, let’s talk about what you fine people like best about the zombies and are looking forward to in the zombie realm.

In the “What’s the best medium for zombies?” poll, the clear favorite was movies. I can get behind that — as much as I like a good zombie-shooting game (which was the clear second choice), movies are and always have been my favorite, too. Movies captured 43 percent of the votes to videogames 28 percent.  Books nabbed 12 percent, real-life zombies grabbed 8 and comics took 5 percent. For me, the surprise was that zombie comics didn’t do better — at least it should have beat out “real-life” zombies. I enjoy a good zombie walk, but c’mon, people! The Walking Dead ring a bell at all? Anyway…

In the second longest running and, by far, most popular poll ever (almost 550 voters!) the question was, “Which 2010 zombie project are you most looking forward to?” And the results weren’t exactly a surprise — if The Walking Dead, as represented by “zombie comics” was robbed in the last poll, it earned redemption, as the impending TV series, in this one. Capturing 280 votes, The Walking Dead TV series is the most anticipated zombie project of 2010 in a landslide. A full 51 percent of you want it more than anything else, and, for the record, I count myself among that number. Fuck and yes, that show is going to be incredible.

From there, Dead Rising 2 and Survival of the Dead tied for the second most anticipated 2010 project, with 60 votes each, good for 11 percent of the total. “Something else” grabbed the next spot, and I am guessing that means Resident Evil: Afterlife for most of you. I really should have put that on the poll. Kinda dumb of me, really.  I feel like I had a reason for leaving it off, but damned if I can remember what that reason might have been. Nothing else grabbed enough votes to be strictly noteworthy, but you can see full results if you click on the link up there, represented as a bar graph. Everyone loves bar graphs, right?

Now for the new poll! I’d like to know what type of content you most like and look froward to here, on the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. I’m going to use the data collected in it to determine what to spend my time on, so be honest. And feel free to leave comments elaborating or explaining your vote. Also, not you can pick three things, but you don’t have to if there’s only one or two you really like. Thanks!

[poll id=”9″]

View the original version of the photo above at Chris Mackey’s Flickr page. I made a clumsy modification to better fit my needs, his original shot is awesome, though!

2 Responses to “Poll: Stuff you like!”

  1. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    You lie! I could only pick one thing. lol. This one is really tough because everything on your site is Dynamite! (kiss-ass rhyming). I went with reviews because every month I have a zombie movie night with some friends and I will often use your reviews to make a selection that will be enjoyable on some level (there’s a lot of unwatchable crap out there, I’m looking at you Motocross Zombies From Hell). But the news roundup is what keeps me coming to the site on a daily basis. I also really enjoy the lists and the discussion topics and it would be hard to pick one of those over the other.

    P.S. Fashion Zombie also kicks ass and as a result I now own two of the greatest t-shirts in the history of the world and am a frequent visitor to the Threadless website.

  2. D’oh! I accidentally set it up wrong. it’s fixed now, but you won’t be able to revote if you already did. My bad! But thanks for taking time to leave the helpful comment! And thanks especially for the words of encouragement.

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