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Posted by Cory Casciato On September - 1 - 2010

Kind of hard to believe, but the site’s been around for just a touch more than eighteen months now. In that time, I’ve amassed more than 600 posts and almost a thousand comments on said posts (thanks for the feedback!), all of which means, if you’re new, or don’t visit the site on a regular basis, you might have missed some cool stuff. And the last thing I would want is for you to miss some cool stuff, especially if it was cool stuff I wrote, so I’ve gone back and compiled a list of the top ten posts on the site since its humble beginnings in February 2009. Without further ado, here are those posts…

10) Definition – Early on, I spent two posts attempting to define exactly what a zombie is. The first of those was “Is it a zombie” and I followed that with “Defining the dead: What is a zombie?” which elaborated. There was a lot of good feedback on those posts, so be sure to read the comments. You’ll also notice I promised a third (and possibly additional) post in the series. It may still happen, especially if I thought you all wanted it…

9) Get yourself clean – At the time I posted my friend Matt’s pictures from a zombie car wash fundraiser in Utah, I didn’t think much of it. A momentary amusement, nothing more. Naturally, it went on to become my most popular post by a huge margin. Apparently I should spend less time thinking about zombies, more time taking pictures of them performing mundane tasks… Surprisingly, my photos from the zombie engagement party and Denver zombie walk didn’t do nearly as well. Fickle.

8) OMG! Russian zombies! – Proving once again that the simplest posts seem to draw the most attention, this posting of a YouTube video clip that purports to show an attack by real zombies in Russia did huge traffic, getting linked from numerous external sites. I threw this one up as filler that went up during a four-day camping trip (where I proposed to my now-wife!), which says … something. Hell if I know what. If I did, I’d do twice the traffic I currently do. Anyway, it is a cool viral vid, but it’s not real. It’s an ad for a videogame called S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which a commenter revealed. Not that that stopped people from speculating on its authenticity…

7) Attack of Rob Zombie’s dickhead lawyers – Every once in a while, I get to do something like real journalism here! Well, at least once, anyway, when Rob Zombie’s lawyers tried to sue Eric Weiss to stop him from using the name Zombie!, claiming Mr. Zombie owned the term. Ahem. It generated a bit of an uproar on the Internets, Rob Zombie heard about it (in part because of my report, supposedly) and called his lawyers off. Everyone lived happily ever after! It’s still worth a read, even if I do say so myself.

6) Most wanted – I watch a lot of movies that don’t have zombies in them. Sometimes when I do, I come across a director that strikes me as having the right stuff to do a seriously kick-ass zombie movie. So I made a list of my top ten most-wanted zombie movie directors. Feel free to add your favorite would-be director in the comments.

5) I dream of zombiesI dream of zombies frequently and so do a lot of you apparently. This was a very early addition to the site and it’s a perennial favorite with a ton of comments from people (many of them first-time visitors who found me by Googling to figure out WTF their freaky zombie dreams meant) sharing their own zombie dreams. Someday I’d like to do a follow up post on the phenomenon, utilizing some of the interesting info people left me as a comment.

4) Zombie radio – One of my favorite independent zombie productions is the radio-drama style podcast We’re Alive. Alongside The Walking Dead it’s one of the best ongoing series set in a zombie apocalypse and it’s got some genuinely engaging and original twists on the genre. And you can get it all for free. If you’re not listening to this, you should be — season two just started, so you can catch up easily.

3) Fashionable zombies fighting Obama – I kicked off my Fashion Zombie series with a look at one of my all-time favorite zombie t-shirts, Obama vs the zombie. Apparently, the people agreed because it is, by far, the most-viewed entry in the Fashion Zombie canon.

2) Worst of the worst – Any fan of zombies realizes that for every good zombie movie there are two bad one, and a third that is brain-bendingly terrible. To help you avoid the real stinkers, I shared the rotten fruit of my experience with a list of the worst zombie movies I’ve ever seen (so far). It’s also good fodder for masochists and those looking for validation that their $20 backyard zombie epic is better than something out there.

1) My humble beginnings – Ever wonder how my love affair with the undead got its start? I revealed my humble beginnings in the second-ever post I ever did for the site. There’s obviously more to the story (and maybe I’ll do a followup some day) but this is a good primer, as well as an explanation of why Return of the Living Dead is so damn awesome.

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  1. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    Your worst of the worst list is almost a year old. Is there anything that you’ve watched this year that would crack the top 10?

  2. Honestly, no. There are a couple that come close, but the bottom is still firmly entrenched in the ten I covered there.

    Thank god.

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