The Inevitable Zombie Podcast episode 002 has arrived!

Posted by Johnathon Brock On November - 26 - 2010

Greetings, undead masses! Johnathon reporting in to unveil the latest episode of the Inevitable Zombie Podcast

Now there are several different ways to get the Inevitable Zombie Podcast.

Episode 002 – The Random Ramblings of Rambling Ramblers

Guests – Cory Casciato and Johnathon Brock

Run Time: 58 Minutes 51 Seconds

Show Notes

00:01 – 01:00                         Introductions

01:01 – 44:00                         Walking Dead Episode 3 and 4

44:01 – 46:30                          We ramble about legal weed for some reason, and Kevin Smith

46:31 – 48:30                          The Zombie Years web comic and We’re Alive radio program

48:31 – 51:00                         Dead Nation, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Zombie Strippers, Netflix

51:01 – 52:30                         Potential Netflix movie marathon and group watching

52:31 – 58:51                         Pure, unfiltered random

One final note… This podcast isn’t too graphic, but it is labeled Not Safe For Work. We drop the f-bomb on more than one occasion and talk about some of the more graphic images of The Walking Dead in show and comic form, as well as some of the other things we discuss. Just a heads up for those of you listening at your work cubes—wear headphones.

Alright, that’s it, go listen to it and let us know what you think in the comments. Tell us what you’d like to see from us on future shows, make fun of my impressions, or ask some questions for next week’s show.


4 Responses to “The Inevitable Zombie Podcast episode 002 has arrived!”

  1. Jond76 says:

    Hey guys.

    First, as far as Walking Dead consumption options go, I buy the hardback volumes that house 12 issues plus trade cover illustrations. I like their durability. Vol 5 just came out.

    Next, Lost was awesome :)

    Books. I know it takes longer to take in but there are some good ones! I just plowed through Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead, both by Joe McKinney. Definitely worth a look.

    As far as future podcast content, maybe y’all can debate walkers vs runners. I like both, but I like the immediacy of runners. Also, I think Walking Dead is about as slow as walkers can be anymore and still be threatening.

    Keep it up and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. ZOMFG Zombambeenos says:

    Awesome Podcast?

    Awesome Podcast!

    I probs disagree with the interpretations of Lori and Shane. I think they are being portrayed kind of pitifully and I feel sorry for both of them. (Haven’t read the comics). Lori is coming across as a planner and the smexy scene episode 2, felt kind of forced, I interpreted it as Lori investing in protection for her son and her. And Shane seemed to just be doing the best he could. Both are just normal peeps struggling to maintain their lives in zombie times.
    Had no problem with the sisters. My sister and I always reminisce about the past, and I imagine this would only be exacerbated by zombies.
    And I loved the gang in Atlanta. But gangs and um can I say Hispanics are completely foreign to me? (sorry for being a hater) So I was taking all pretty much on face value. Pretty much just loving Walking Dead full stop.

    Jonathon, you’re breaking my heart on the accents. Undead and Braindead clearly shows the radical difference between Australian and New Zealand accents!!!

    Agree with Jond76, walkers and runners will always make for engaging discussion.
    Wouldn’t mind hearing any thoughts on survival plans.

  3. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    Again, nice job! Really enjoying the podcasts, especially in lieu of the review, discussion, list, fashion zombie drought on the website. Newsfeed still rocks. Thanks, Mr. Brock.
    I have to disagree with your thoughts on the Walking Dead compedium, though. I bought it to catch up on the series and thought that it was great. I’ve read through it four times, my brother borrowed it, and my 18 month daughter occasionally gets her hands on it, but I’ve never lost one page and it’s held up really well.
    I grew up in New Jersey and I’m surprised that no one’s put together a Soprano-ish zombie romp. That idea has potential, even though I’m sure it would end up as a terrible Troma movie or something.
    For future podcasts, I’d like to hear you talk about some items similar to the discussion or list items on the website. What are your top 5 zombie movies of all time? Top 5 characters in zombie-lore? Top 5 zombies? Top 5 non-zombie villains?

  4. I liked the comments on there not being any true protagonists or antagonists. It is really hard to come up with writing that good.

    I enjoyed the show. It was long enough, had good content and some good editorial content on “The Walking Dead.”

    I am wondering who that character is, who influences Rick, so much. Note to self: get the comic!


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