The Inevitable Zombie Podcast episode 003 has arrived!

Posted by Johnathon Brock On December - 3 - 2010

Greetings, undead masses! Johnathon reporting in to unveil the latest episode of the Inevitable Zombie Podcast

Now there are several different ways to get the Inevitable Zombie Podcast.

Episode 003 – Walkers vs. Runners

Hosts – Cory Casciato and Johnathon Brock

Run Time: 40 Minutes 00 Seconds

Show Notes

00:01 – 01:00 Introductions

01:01 – 15:00 Walking Dead Episode 5

15:01 – 16:00 We talk about Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

16:01 – 17:00 Back to The Walking Dead

17:01 – 18:00 Starship Troopers and being an extra on the movie

18:01 – 20:00 Back to The Walking Dead

20:01 – 23:30 – We discuss the at-the-time breaking news about Darabont firing the entire writing staff for Season 2

23:31 – 26:00 – Race War! The worst zombie movie ever made, which it will probably be…

26:01 – 28:30 – Bruce LaBruce and Freedom of Speech

28:31 – 29:30 – Australia is really scary, but we like it a lot

29:31 – 37:30 – Walkers vs. Runners (We answer your questions and discuss your topics!)

37:30 – 40:00 – Closing notes and podcast info, a call to arms, and a surprise next week!!

One final note… This podcast isn’t too graphic, but it is labeled Not Safe For Work. We drop the f-bomb on more than one occasion and talk about some of the more graphic images of The Walking Dead in show and comic form, as well as some of the other things we discuss. Just a heads up for those of you listening at your work cubes—wear headphones.

Alright, that’s it, go listen to it and let us know what you think in the comments. Tell us what you’d like to see from us on future shows, make fun of my impressions, or ask some questions for next week’s show.


7 Responses to “The Inevitable Zombie Podcast episode 003 has arrived!”

  1. Will says:

    Great podcast as usual, guys. This isn’t exactly relevant and may seem like a silly question, but what’s the name of the song you use?

  2. Jond76 says:

    As far as the extra characters that are still around, we got Daryl, the city planner lady, Merle (down but not out). We also have the family that wanted to find their extended family, which isn’t unreasonable.

    But the big news is that (someone covered it, maybe even here, but not in the podcast) Shane is still alive! He was dead by the time they broke camp and left. Yet here he lives.

    I read an interview with Kirkman about the CDC deviation. He said that he chose Atlanta out of convineince and didn’t even think about the CDC being there. So he seemed to dig it.

    I think Ricks reasoning is pretty sound for wanting to check the CDC. It’s was pretty much on their doorstep so might as well check it before trekking to Ft Benning.

    I’m really liking the deviations, it’s makes things more unpredictable.

    One of the most fascinating things in zombie movies for me was always the fake news they show. That’s why I still love Night so much. So if getting them into the CDC gives us some info on the world situation, I’m all for it. But I agree, no vaccine or cure. That would kill any sense of danger.

    I’m in the middle of producing a zombie web series. I’m 3 episodes in out of 6. Running zombies! I have some thoughts on why dead people might can run and hope to work that into my story.

    Good podcast!

  3. Zombie Shakespeare says:

    Will beat me to it, but I was also going to ask about the song. I feel pretty safe in assuming that it’s Cory singing with Johnathon on keyboard.
    A couple of WD character notes: Carol and Sophia do exist in the comics. Carol appears younger in the comics and her husband was already dead, though they do hint at the fact that he was an asshole. She paired up with Tyreese for awhile before becoming slightly unhinged at the prison. Carl reluctantly accepted Sophia’s request to be his boyfriend, though he is at times put off by her strange behavior in response to the trauma of living amidst the zombie apocalypse.
    Jackie (I think that’s her name), the city planner, did not exist in the comics. They have also left out Allen, his wife, Donna, and their twin boys (Billy and Ben, I believe).

  4. ZOMFG Zombambeenos says:

    This was the first Walking Dead episode I was that enamored with. Haven’t read the comics, just wasn’t feelin it.
    Looking forward to checking out Jond76/s web series.
    I think the problem with Australia is not unique, I think all large scale democratic societies are questionable. I must admit when I heard fuck you australia I was ready to log off in a patriotic fueled rage. lol. Though my sensibilities prevailed,

  5. The song we use is called “Sad Living in the City” by Time for Trees featuring Layden Bryant. It is a fucking awesome tune and you can get it from Beatport.

    FWIW, I actually am pro-Australia. But censorship really irks me.

  6. ZOMFG Zombambeenos says:

    Never said you weren’t. Shame about the U.S’s stance on wikileaks at the moment.

  7. I am pro Wikileaks. US State Dept can eat a bag of dicks.

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