Deadlines: News roundup 03/03/11

Posted by Johnathon Brock On March - 3 - 2011


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Yakuza: Of The End is a zombie game we’ve covered in the past. However it’s just been brought to my attention that in the game, there are several special types of zombie that blatantly rip off the villains gallery in Left 4 Dead. Check out the images and judge for yourself. (Kotaku)

In what is the weirdest science news I’ve seen in a long time, a fungus is slowly turning rain forest ants into mindless zombies, causing them to then carry the disease back to their nests or simply go walk off a tree. (Daily Mail)

After the break, check out this cool featurette for The Walking Dead called “From Comics to TV” and see how the seemingly impossible was done. (Fangoria)

Zombie Doomsday is an experimental film that’s actually more of a live action survival reality video. It was shot in 12 hours and we’ve got the trailer after the break. (Buy Zombie)

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