Zombie Movie Marathon 5: Five things we’ve learned so far

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 17 - 2012
Mindy Clarke is one sexy zombie

Return of the Living Dead 3

Yesterday marked the halfway point of the fifth annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month, so it seemed like a good time to check in. For those of you who haven’t been reading since last time, ZMMM is my annual month-long zombie-a-day film fest: one zombie movie a day, every day, for an entire month. For those who have been reading a while, you may be wondering why the hell this is happening now, rather than in June as it has in years past. My reasons are twofold:

1) My wife has long petitioned for me to move the marathon to a fall/winter month, arguing (rightly) that we have too much going on in summer — camping, travel, friends visiting — to give up time every day in June to watch a zombie movie. This might have been reason enough but then something came along to seal the deal…

2) We had a baby May 29, two days before I would have ostensibly started the marathon. Let me tell you, having a newborn in the house makes it pretty hard to get something like this done. It’s been hard enough now, and she’s almost five month old! Bottom line is, June was out, so October is in! And let’s face it, October is a more fitting month anyway.

Okay, on to this year!

My plan this year was simple: alternate movies I’ve seen with movies I haven’t, so I see half new stuff and half familiar stuff/classics. This is necessary for my sanity, since I have long since exhausted the supply of great zombie movies and moved well into the masses of mediocrity and outright crap. Yes, there are still some odd gems I haven’t got to, but they are few and far between. Another thing is I have integrated my watching of The Walking Dead into the marathon, for the simple reason that I don’t have enough time to watch a movie and that week’s episode on any given day, so each week there’s a new TWD, I will watch that as one of my new entries. With that, here’s what I’ve watched so far:

Flight of the Living Dead
Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer
Nightmare City
Juan of the Dead
Return of the Living Dead 3
The Stink of Flesh
Dawn of the Dead (Dario Argento edit)
Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis
Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave
Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror
Dead Season
The Walking Dead Season 3 Ep. 1
Lucio Fulci’s Zombie
Quarantine 2: The Terminal

Now, on to the top five things I’ve learned from this year’s marathon so far!

1) The Return of the Living Dead franchise has exactly two movies that aren’t actively hazardous to your mental health: the original, and the third one (yay Mindy Clarke!). Admittedly, the third one would be much better if it weren’t supposed to be a RotLD movie, but at least it’s moderately entertaining. The fourth and fifth ones are fucking awful, and if I ever interview Peter Coyote, I’m going to ask him how the hell he ended up in those pieces of shit.  (Read my Return of the Living Dead 3 review.)

2) Every year, some weird theme appears as if by magic. This year it appears to be graphic vomiting scenes. I think like six of the movies have featured them. Yay vomit!

3) Nightmare City and Burial Ground, despite being utterly terrible, never fail to entertain me. Technically, I already knew this, but it was definitely reinforced. Those Italians sure know how to make a good-bad movie!

4) The season premiere of The Walking Dead was more entertaining than the entirety of last season, which is promising.

5) Award for Best New Movie (so far) goes to … Juan of the Dead, which was quite entertaining. Worst new movie so far is a tie for RotLD 4/5, especially number 4 since five at least had some gratuitous nudity to take your mind off the terrible movie itself. Those fucking movies had to have been made as some kind of tax shelter or money laundering operation.

That’s it for now, but I’ve been live-tweeting the movies I’ve already seen as I watch them. If you aren’t already following me on Twitter, and like staying up late, that could be amusing for you, right?

4 Responses to “Zombie Movie Marathon 5: Five things we’ve learned so far”

  1. October does make more sense. Although when my daughter was a newborn I was up all crazy hours of the night. Burial Ground might have made more sense when I was high off of sleep deprivation at 4am.
    Do you have a set line up for the rest of the month?

  2. Vincent Ward says:

    Return of the Living Dead 3! A bloody picture of the lady however it looks like over acting.

  3. @Zombie Shakespeare: Nope! Every night I literally look at my stack of unwatched or watched movies and pick something that seems appropriate or tempting for whatever reason. I tweet the title out as soon as I decide/start watching, then for the ones I’ve seen I tweet along as they go. For the new ones, I tweet a short reaction after it’s over.

  4. hehe I like the list. Nothing like good old fashioned zombie movies.

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