ZMMM 7 Progress Report 4

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 17 - 2014
Mummy, I'm a Zombie

Mummy, I’m a Zombie

Italy makes its triumphant return to the world of zombie cinema! Two soldiery looking dudes and a mad scientist against the zombie apocalypse, except of course the mad scientist maybe isn’t so much on the human’s side. (He is mad, after all.) There’s some secondary characters too, and a weird subplot with some Neo Nazis that doesn’t really go anywhere. Come to think of it, the movie itself doesn’t really go anywhere, but the ride to get there is pleasant enough. No big payoff or any real reason to recommend this, but it is very competent and a decent watch, which makes it better than at least 80 percent of all Italian zombie movies.

Babylon Fields (pilot)
Years ago, someone gave me a DVD-r of this unreleased TV pilot for a series called Babylon Fields. I finally got around to watching it! It was actually pretty intriguing. It plays around in the same space as They Came Back (Les Revenants) and the TV series based on it. Basically, all the dead people return to life, more or less the same as they were before except all decayed and gross. People freak out! The central characters seem to be a mother and daughter who aren’t too pleased to see the abusive patriarch of the family back, plus a cop with a dead wife. It’s a TV pilot, so things are really just getting good when it ends. I can say it is a shame that it didn’t get picked up, or even aired. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I think it showed some real potential. And look, Wikipedia tells me it’s being resurrected for another chance, in true zombie fashion.

Mummy, I’m a Zombie
Since I saw the first one and had them both, I figured there wasn’t any reason not to watch the sequel to Daddy, I’m a Zombie. It picks up pretty much where the first left off, and follows it in the obvious ways. More tween problems (does becoming popular mean I have to ditch my nerd friends?) mixed up with zombies and ghosts and shit. It may have been marginally more entertaining and worthwhile than its predecessor, or maybe repeated exposure has simply increased my tolerance. In any case, totally non essential, unless you maybe have a 10-year-old who’s obsessed with zombies and you aren’t ready to let them at the hard stuff just yet.

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