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Fashion Zombie: Zombie dreams T

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 26 - 2010

The moment I saw this shirt, I knew it was this week’s Fashion Zombie pick. It’s titled “Every Night I Have the Same Dream” and I love zombie dreams. Plus, it’s a comic, on a shirt! How can you go wrong?

It’s yet another Threadless design, but I assure you, I am not unduly favoring them. They just have a fuckload of awesome shirts. This one is $20, a bit over my preferred price range but I may have to make an exception for reasons of undue awesomeness. There’s more to the story, too — you can see the back of the design below, plus an image of the shirt on a model.

I’m attempting to assemble an all zombie-themed wardrobe. Fashion Zombie is my weekly post detailing the coolest zombie-themed clothes and accessories I can find. Check back every Monday for another look at the hottest zombie apparel.

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Review: Doghouse

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 14 - 2010

In director Jake West’s Doghouse, we follow a bunch of loutish men to a tiny, out-of-the-way village, where they hope to carouse and help one of them, Vince, get over his fresh, new divorce. From this not-terribly-zombie-sounding premise, things quickly progress into familiar (for readers of this site, anyway) territory: violent, bloody mayhem explodes within moments of pulling into the town, as they discover that for some reason all the women there have gone insane and are murdering and feeding on the men. Cue Hall and Oates “Man Eater”!

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Shaun of the Dead: A love letter

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 7 - 2010

Today’s feature is a guest post from Camiele White, of I neither endorse nor take credit for anything she says here, although I agree that Shaun of the Dead is fucking awesome.

I’ve always been a fan of legitimate zombie flicks. Though I’m a sucker for the classic Romero, I can’t help but get excited when I see a preview for a film with the mindless, brain-hungry undead as the unyielding antagonist. However, as of late, there hasn’t been much in the way of this classic horror genre that has excited me enough to pay $9 and sit in the middle row of a crowded cinema.

And then there was Shaun of the Dead.

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ZMMM 3.0 Launch

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 1 - 2010

June has arrived and with it, Zombie Movie Marathon Month 3.0! I’m kicking things off tonight with Night of the Living Dead and a short film to be determined. The additional 29 feature films can be found below. I’ll determine which short films I watch each night in a random manner.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll see daily reaction pieces on the previous evening’s viewing. These aren’t full reviews (although sometimes they come close) but just a quick reaction from em to what I have just seen. For June, these reaction pieces, the daily news roundup and Fashion Zombie will be all you see. I won’t have time to work on much else, but the usual schedule will return in July. Remember, if you are doing any zombie movie marathoning and blogging/Tweeting/Facebooking about it, let me know so I can link to you and share the joy. And you can always find all the ZMMM coverage via the dedicated Zombie Movie Marathon Month tag.

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REC vs. Quarantine cheat sheet

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 21 - 2010

So, you’ve seen REC and you’re wondering if you should bother with Quarantine? Or perhaps it was the other way around? Or maybe you’ve seen neither but you’d like to and you need some help figuring out which one you should watch, or watch first? Or maybe you just like to read things that set up imaginary grudge matches between related movies? Well then, today is your lucky day: here’s a breakdown of REC and Quarantine that should fulfill any and all of those desires.

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Zombie Movie Marathon Month 3.0

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 6 - 2010

Hark! The third annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month approaches! June is just a few short weeks away and that means it’s almost time for my annual thirty-day, thirty-film zombie marathon. If you’re not familiar with the tradition, you can read last year’s introductory post, orlast year’s wrap up post or even the whole batch of posts tagged with Zombie Movie Marathon Month to get up to speed. Or just keep reading this and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is going on by the end.

Seeing as how the initial ZMMM was more or less responsible for the birth of this site, it’s kind of a big deal to me. But what does it mean to you?

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Great moments in zombie history

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 28 - 2010

There have been many milestones throughout the eighty-year history of the zombie in Western culture. In today’s world, where zombies are such a part of everyday life that every college campus is aswarm with games of Human vs. Zombie, zombies are used in advertising and we get a new zombie movie or game released every few months, it’s easy to forget our roots. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I’ve compiled a quick overview of ten great moments in zombie history, from the earliest days to modern times. Without these milestones, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Remember and rejoice.

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Google poem: “When Should I Expect the Zombie Apocalypse?”

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 21 - 2010

Photo by Maccio Capatonda

When should I expect the zombie apocalypse?

Halliburton can profit from zombies.

Russia says it has zombies.

Obama punches zombie,

had a dream that my wife was a zombie,

Can’t find Plants vs. Zombies T-shirts!

Zombies in the news,

Mexican zombie wrestlers from outer space!

I believe that a zombie apocalypse is beginning.

Zombies are becoming reality via H1N1 shots. Be prepared. These are the end days.

That slice of genius is an original poem on the imminent zombie apocalypse, courtesy of Google and you, the visitors of this site. What I’ve done is culled the most intriguing, poetic and weirdest search terms used to find this site in the last thirty days. I’ve added nothing but a bit of punctuation and a few capital letters. I also selected and organized the snippets, of course. Each line is a separate search term. The image is essentially unrelated, but given the whimsical nature of the poem, I felt a zombie kitty was appropriate. Besides, when else am I going to get a chance to use a zombie kitty picture?

Zombies are funny: comics collection

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 14 - 2010

Zombies are a powerful symbol of existential horror but they’re also good for a few laughs now and then. I’ve posted a few zombie comics in the past (check the Whimsy category if you want to catch up) but it’s been a while, so here are a few I’ve found amusing in the relatively recent past. Enjoy, and be sure to share any favorites of your own in the comments. (P.S. Anyone know the original author of that comic above? I can’t quite read it on the file).

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The Zombie Combat Manual Q&A

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 7 - 2010

When the zombies come, what weapons will you take up against them? Many of us in the US have the benefit of easy access to some relatively heavy firepower, thanks to the Second Amendment and our nation’s love affair with guns. But what of the civilized world at large, or those few parts of the US that make owning a gun a chore? And more to the point, what happens when even the most gun-happy survivalist, who might wield an arsenal that would make your typical third-world insurgent group jealous, runs low on ammo?

These are the questions that prompted New Yorker Roger Ma to write The Zombie Combat Manual, a complete guide to hand-to-hand combat with the living dead. In the course of its 300 pages, he covers just about every angle on facing the undead with everything from pole arms to ice picks, including advice on weapon selection, exercise and armor. Ma took some time to answer some questions about the book, his inspirations and what he’d choose to stop the zombie hordes. And at the end of the interview, you can read how to win your very own copy of the The Zombie Combat Manual, courtesy of Roger Ma and the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.

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