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An interview with George A. Romero

Posted by Cory Casciato On November - 7 - 2012
George A. Romero

Photo by nicolas genin

George A. Romero. The father of the modern zombie. Arguably the most influential filmmaker in the horror genre. Legend. Icon.

And, as it turns out, a pretty nice guy.

When I first launched this site, one of the biggest things I hoped it would eventually lead to was a chance to talk to George A. Romero (my very first post was a happy birthday message to him!). This past weekend, it did and I got 20 minutes with the man himself. It wasn’t long, certainly, but it was still pretty fucking great. We talked about The Walking Dead, video games, what he’s working on and lots more. I’m sure I don’t have to sell you on reading this — if you’re reading this site, you love zombies. If you love zombies, you’re going to want to read this. So onward…

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The Zombie Combat Manual Q&A

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 7 - 2010

When the zombies come, what weapons will you take up against them? Many of us in the US have the benefit of easy access to some relatively heavy firepower, thanks to the Second Amendment and our nation’s love affair with guns. But what of the civilized world at large, or those few parts of the US that make owning a gun a chore? And more to the point, what happens when even the most gun-happy survivalist, who might wield an arsenal that would make your typical third-world insurgent group jealous, runs low on ammo?

These are the questions that prompted New Yorker Roger Ma to write The Zombie Combat Manual, a complete guide to hand-to-hand combat with the living dead. In the course of its 300 pages, he covers just about every angle on facing the undead with everything from pole arms to ice picks, including advice on weapon selection, exercise and armor. Ma took some time to answer some questions about the book, his inspirations and what he’d choose to stop the zombie hordes. And at the end of the interview, you can read how to win your very own copy of the The Zombie Combat Manual, courtesy of Roger Ma and the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.

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Fort Zombie Q&A

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 21 - 2009


The upcoming game Fort Zombie seems to fill a niche that’s been neglected for far too long — the zombie survival RPG/strategy game. In Fort Zombie, you play the part of a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who’s decided it’s time to stop running and time to pick a spot, gather supplies, team up with other survivors and try to hold off the hungry dead. Considering that fortifying a holdout and defending it from the undead horde is such a key element of almost every apocalyptic zombie movie, it’s all but inconceivable that it’s taken so long for such a game to come to fruition. The world may never know why its taken so long for such a game to come to pass, but the wait is almost over and we’ve got an exclusive Q&A with some of the creators, including producer Chris Stewart, lead designer Martin Cirulis and writer Arinn Dembo. And for the visually minded, there are a couple of screenshots mixed in there, too.

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