Posted by Cory Casciato On September - 2 - 2009

You know, the frequently asked questions. For questions that get asked. Frequently.

What was your old posting schedule?

I post a daily news wrapup at the end of every weekday, usually around 5:30 p.m. (Mountain time) except when it is later or the very rare occasion when it is earlier. Mondays I post Fashion Zombie, a look at some of the cool zombie-themed T-shirts, hoodies, jewelry and other clothing and accessories I find. Wednesdays I post a feature of some sort — an essay, think piece, interview, list or whatever. Fridays I post a review of a book, movie, game, or other novel zombie media. Sometimes I post non-news feature content daily, if I have the time and energy or during a special event such as Zombie Movie Marathon Month (that’s June, by the way).

What is your new posting schedule?

I’m going to try to post Fashion Zombie every Monday. And other stuff intermittently throughout the week, but no promises. The news is gone, unless some bright-eyed youngster out there is looking for an internship and really loves zombies…

What happened to the old posting schedule? There sure was a lot more stuff on it…

Yeah, there was. I got a full time job, and was way too busy to do it, so I brought in a guy named Johnathon Brock to help. He did a kick ass job, until he got a little burnt out on it and then got real busy with work of his own, and the site kind of went into hibernation for a few months. Now I am back to the freelance mines for a while, and also stay-at-home fathering. That means I have a little more time, but not hours a day to find and post news like before.

I can’t be bothered to bookmark and check back. How can I be notified of new content?

You could subscribe to my RSS feed. Or, follow the site’s official Twitter feed. You could even become a fan of the site on Facebook. See how easy I make it for you?

Do you do videos or a podcast or something? Reading words is really hard.

We briefly did a podcast. It was fun, but pretty time consuming. You cna find them on the site. I hope to podcast soon again, but not strictly about zombies. I will make sure all my fans (both of you; hi, mom!) know about it when I do. If it is important to you, and would make you visit more often and/or shower me with money, you should bug me about it a lot and I will work harder to make such a thing a reality.

I’m a zombie filmmaker/comic book creator/author/whatever and I’d love you to review my movie/book/whatever. How can I make that happen?

E-mail me the basic info and I will get back to you with an address to send stuff to (or a way to get the digital files to me) and give you an idea of when you might see your work reviewed. The address is cory.casciato[at]gmail.com

Do you take submissions? I love zombies and want to write about them and/or I have a great review/news piece/whatever I’d love to see here.

As a general rule, the IZA is mostly just my work, but I let the awesome Johnathon Brock kick in and that was fun, so … maybe? If you’re just a really good writer with a passion for zombies and you want to share something, let me know, and we will talk.

Also, if you have a newsy item, I definitely want to hear about it. Some of my most popular posts started life that way, and I always give credit if I use something you sent along. Make sure and include a URL if you want me to link back to you.

I have a zombie or horror related product and I’d love to see it advertised here. Do you sell advertising space directly?

Of course I do. These zombies chained up in the basement won’t feed themselves (well, they would if I let them go, but that would mean the End of Everything). You can get all the info on my advertising page.

What’s the difference between a capsule review and a review?

Capsule reviews are short takes, less than 250 words, on a given movie, book, game or whatever. Reviews are 250+ words, for movies, etc. that deserve more attention for one reason or another.

Why would you do that? It hardly seems fair. Shouldn’t everyone get the same treatment? Why don’t you write the same amount about all these movies/books/etc.?

Because, let’s face it, most of them barely warrant the 200 or so words I give them. The vast majority of zombie movies are pure crap, and the ratio isn’t much better in other forms of media. They don’t need an epic deconstruction of every element of the piece, just a quick overview to tell you what to expect and how well it is executed. Want to know more? Have a specific question I didn’t answer? Tell me in the comments and I am 99.9 percent likely to respond. I’m nice that way.

What’s with this â€™ nonsense I see all over the place?

No idea. I had to do a database backup and restore as part of cleaning out an injection attack on the site, and that shit appeared afterwards as some kind of artifact. I try to fix them where I see them, but there’s a lot of them, and I don’t have a lot of time to dick around with crap like that.

Do you really get asked these questions frequently?

Not really. But if I did get asked questions frequently, these are the questions I would expect to be asked.

Damn. My question isn’t answered here.

That’s not really a question, is it? But if you have a question, e-mail me at cory.casciato[at]gmail.com (you do know to replace the [at] with an @, right?) and I will answer it. Hell, I’ll probably even add it to the FAQ. You can also use the form directly below this answer if you don’t like e-mail.





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