Review: Monster Nation

Posted by Cory Casciato On December - 3 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Monster Nation reviewIn Monster Nation, the second book in David Wellington’s “Monster” trilogy, we go back, to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse that’s a foregone conclusion in Monster Island. The book opens with an attack in California, then switches to strange happenings high in the mountains of Colorado, both events that any undead aficionado will quickly realize are the first pieces of a zombie puzzle. Before long we’re witnessing the slow fall of the Florence ADX (aka Supermax) prison to the newly vigorous dead and things really get rolling.

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An interview with George A. Romero

Posted by Cory Casciato On November - 7 - 20123 COMMENTS
George A. Romero

Photo by nicolas genin

George A. Romero. The father of the modern zombie. Arguably the most influential filmmaker in the horror genre. Legend. Icon.

And, as it turns out, a pretty nice guy.

When I first launched this site, one of the biggest things I hoped it would eventually lead to was a chance to talk to George A. Romero (my very first post was a happy birthday message to him!). This past weekend, it did and I got 20 minutes with the man himself. It wasn’t long, certainly, but it was still pretty fucking great. We talked about The Walking Dead, video games, what he’s working on and lots more. I’m sure I don’t have to sell you on reading this — if you’re reading this site, you love zombies. If you love zombies, you’re going to want to read this. So onward…

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Zombie Movie Marathon 5: Five things we’ve learned so far

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 17 - 20124 COMMENTS
Mindy Clarke is one sexy zombie

Return of the Living Dead 3

Yesterday marked the halfway point of the fifth annual Zombie Movie Marathon Month, so it seemed like a good time to check in. For those of you who haven’t been reading since last time, ZMMM is my annual month-long zombie-a-day film fest: one zombie movie a day, every day, for an entire month. For those who have been reading a while, you may be wondering why the hell this is happening now, rather than in June as it has in years past. My reasons are twofold:

1) My wife has long petitioned for me to move the marathon to a fall/winter month, arguing (rightly) that we have too much going on in summer — camping, travel, friends visiting — to give up time every day in June to watch a zombie movie. This might have been reason enough but then something came along to seal the deal…

2) We had a baby May 29, two days before I would have ostensibly started the marathon. Let me tell you, having a newborn in the house makes it pretty hard to get something like this done. It’s been hard enough now, and she’s almost five month old! Bottom line is, June was out, so October is in! And let’s face it, October is a more fitting month anyway.

Okay, on to this year!

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Review: Zombie costume

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 15 - 20121 COMMENT

I am looking dead sexy

Halloween is almost here — not to mention the countless zombie crawls and related events October brings — which means it’s time to start thinking about a costume. Actually, who am I kidding? It’s long past time to start thinking about a costume, but most readers of this site have it easy: you’re going as a zombie, duh!

That said, as a hardcore fan, you probably want a hardcore costume. That means piecing together lots of little props, carefully aging your clothes into a suitably shitty state and practicing your zombie makeup day in and day out. Elaborate stuff. If, like me, you aren’t well on your way to having your elaborate zombie costume created, it’s probably time to think about going off the rack.

The people of contacted me a while back about their off-the-rack zombie costume and asked if I wanted to give it a review. Considering I’ve reviewed everything from zombie films to zombie energy drinks, naturally I said yes. A few days later, I had their stock zombie outfit in my hands. Here’s how it shakes out.

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Review: Patient Zero

Posted by Cory Casciato On August - 4 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Patient Zero, Jonathan Maberry, reviewZombies. Terrorists. Super-secret spy agencies. ACTION.

In Patient Zero, Jonathan Maberry has found a crossover so obvious, and so perfect, it is astounding it hasn’t already been done to death: the zombie apocalypse techno-thriller. Take one part pulpy grocery-store bestseller about the world’s most high-tech spies facing off against the world’s most desperate terrorists. Add an equal amount of classic zombie apocalypse scenario. Stir well, garnish with a Bond-worthy supervillain, and voilà! Patient Zero.

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Review: REC 3: Genesis

Posted by Cory Casciato On July - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS
The happy couple

Worst. wedding day. EVER.

The third film in the REC series has arrived, and with it arrive some changes. The first film inverted the paradigm of Night of the Living Dead, trapping survivors in a building with zombies. REC 2 turned the dials to 11, injecting a first-person shooter angle into the cinéma vérité mix and upping the adrenaline levels (think of REC as Alien and REC 2 as Aliens and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.) Now REC 3: Genesis adds something else entirely unexpected: humor. Even weirder is that it works surprisingly well. (The rest of this review will contain the occasional spoiler for the first two films, so if you haven’t seen them and are spoiler averse, stop here).

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Fashion Zombie: End of the Road

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 18 - 20121 COMMENT

The End of the Road

This week’s fashion zombie entry is something of a callback to one of my favorite zombie t-shirts of all time. It’s by the same artist (Aled Lewis), same company (Threadless) and it essentially illustrates the same scenario: our hero facing off the amassed undead from a tactically sound yet strategically doomed vantage point. What’s not to love? It could be called derivative of its forerunner, but I say that’s bullshit. There’s nothing wrong with an artist revisiting a theme over and over again if the theme is cool enough, and this one is plenty cool. This one will set you back $20 from Threadless, which is a mite steep, but I will say that I still have every Threadless shirt I have ever purchased and they are still in great shape, so you do kind of get what you pay for. If you are the patient type, you could also wait for one of their intermittent sales, which often see their fine torso coverings selling for as little as $10.

I’m attempting to assemble an all zombie-themed wardrobe. Fashion Zombie is my weekly post detailing the coolest zombie-themed clothes and accessories I can find. Check back every Monday for another look at the hottest zombie apparel.

Fashion Zombie: YOLT

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 11 - 20121 COMMENT

You Only Live Twice, YOLO, YOLT

Apparently the neologism YOLO is all the rage among the kids. An acronym of “You only live once,” YOLO is typically called upon to justify some stupid, rash, and occasionally lethal decision—like, say, teasing a zombie. If that were to happen, the result would be what you see above: You only live twice, even if the second time around it’s as some ghoulish, flesh-hungry, animated corpse. In other words, it’s just what everyone needs: a zombie-themed lampooning of the idiotic youth trend of the moment. Huzzah! This shirt will set you back $20 at Snorg Tees, which is a little steep in my opinion, but hey, YOLO, right?

I’m attempting to assemble an all zombie-themed wardrobe. Fashion Zombie is my weekly post detailing the coolest zombie-themed clothes and accessories I can find. Check back every Monday for another look at the hottest zombie apparel.

Fashion Zombie: The Walken Dead

Posted by Cory Casciato On May - 21 - 20121 COMMENT

The Walken Dead, Fashion Zombie

This week’s Fashion Zombie turns the spotlight on the Walken Dead. Is that a joke so obvious even your not-clever friend thought it up by the third episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead? It is. Is it a one-note, essentially dumb joke? It is. Does that mean it is any less sweet of a t-shirt? It does not. So enjoy your Walken Dead t-shirt and joke, for the reasonable price of $14.99 from, or at least buy it for that friend of yours that just thinks it’s the funniest fucking thing he’s ever heard so maybe he will finally shut up about it. Bonus: In case you haven’t seen it, the video form of this one-note joke is embedded below.

I’m attempting to assemble an all zombie-themed wardrobe. Fashion Zombie is my weekly post detailing the coolest zombie-themed clothes and accessories I can find. Check back every Monday for another look at the hottest zombie apparel.

You’ve got zombie questions? We’ve got zombie answers! Ask us anything about the living dead and we’ll do our best to give you the best answer no money can buy. In our inaugural edition, we answer a question from Twitter user @MaryKoCo: “Why do zombies have such shitty clothes?! You JUST died; how’d you mess up your shirt that bad?”

Excellent question, @MaryKoCo! The short answer is, they don’t, necessarily. Have a look at this dapper motherfucker:

Not too shabby, right? A little dusty, perhaps, but looking good in that suit. That’s the first zombie from Night of the Living Dead, the first of the modern zombie films. So, you see, plenty of zombie don’t look bad at all. But you have to consider that fashion means nothing to zombies. They don’t change their clothes; they make no effort to stop viscera and gore from messing up their pants. In other words, the undead lifestyle is really hard on your clothes. You can go from fashion plate to total mess in no time flat.

Also, a lot of zombie film directors are lazy, worthless, uncreative fucks, and they don’t pay any attention at all to things like “how long has this dude been dead, and what state of decay should his clothes be in?” and so they ruin it for everyone else. Nice work, you dickbags.

Got a question about zombies? We want to answer it! Tweet it at us on Twitter, ask us via Facebook, or even just leave your question in a comment and we’ll answer it as soon as we can.




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