Deadlines: News roundup 4/29/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On April - 29 - 2009


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The Corbin Bernsen (LA Law! Fuck yeah!) helmed zombie feature Dead Air is looking for distribution at Cannes. The movie is set in a radio station during a zombie outbreak (like Pontypool!), shares a name with one of Left 4 Dead‘s campaigns and stars Bill Moseley. Still not sold? Hit the jump below and find a teaser trailer. (Dread Central)

New details emerge about Deadlands 2:  Trapped, a microbudget zombie epic sequel to the original Deadlands: The Rising (which gives me some urgency to see the original). Details include production stills, screening dates, the troubled search for distribution and what it’s like to make a full-bore zombie epic on a $6,000 budget (spoiler: it’s hard). (Fangoria)

Are you ready for yet another upcoming entry in the Nazi zombie subgenre? This one will be called The 4th Reich and it is revealed via a feature on The Soldier, the short that inspired it. Since I believe this particular subgenre may be cursed, I am not getting my hopes up. (Fangoria)

The Dead Rising 2 feast continues as Kotaku weighs in with some speculation about possible game mechanics, such as the desire for videography instead of the first game’s still photography. (Kotaku)

Have a Wii? Never played Resident Evil? Or maybe want to play it again? You are in luck, a port is being released with all of the original’s (actually, the Gamecube remake’s) clunky controls and murderous camera angles intact! Joy. (Kotaku)

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, Lost Zombies is sponsoring a 24-hour writing challenge on May 1. (Fangoria)

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The newest trailer for the multimedia animated Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated shows off some of the inasne variety of animation styles via a few familiar scenes. I like the sock puppets, myself.

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Lost Zombies wants you

Posted by Cory Casciato On March - 18 - 2009

lostzombiesHere’s one of the more original ideas in the zombie milieu — Lost Zombies, a site that aims to create a community-generated zombie documentary via a MySpace/Facebook like social networking site. They’ve got a pretty clever back story, outlined via the timeline on the site and an innovative method of farming out the pieces (a grid of needed submissions, where anyone can take a hack at whatever piece interests them). They’re also getting a fair bit of attention, thanks to some SXSW exposure. It looks like thus far they aren’t particularly close to being done and I can’t find any indication of what the target date of completion for the finished project is, but in the meantime it seems like a good place to meet fellow zombie devotees. Naturally, I signed up for a membership and you can find my profile here. Supposing I can find the time and a project that suits my talents, I will even participate. I haven’t been able to find a contact link for the project’s leadership, but if I can, I intend to interview them for the site. Stay tuned.




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