ZMMM Dailies: 6/13/2009 – Plan 9 from Outer Space

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 14 - 2009

plan9-torFor a long time, if you said, “Worst movie ever made?” any respectable film geek would reply, “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” Well, years of shot-on-video crap and Uwe Boll films have taken away that easy, go-to answer, but make no mistake, Plan 9 is indeed a bad film. So bad it’s good? Yes and no — there are definitely parts where the badness transmutes to pure comedy gold, but there are long, interminable stretches of pain between those parts. I will say Tor Johnson made a good zombie, though. The overall verdict on this one is: ridiculous — but worth seeing for historical value and a few laughs.

Up next is the 1990 Tom Savini remake of Night of the Living Dead. Should help wash the taste of this out of our mouths.

ZMMM Dailies: 6/12/2009 – Resident Evil

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 13 - 2009

resident-evilIn all honesty, I liked Resident Evil a lot more than I thought I would — and a lot more than I did the first time. I guess when I saw it the first time back in 2003, I had only seen maybe a dozen zombie movies, and mostly the cream of the crop. Since then, I became a zombie obsessive and watched another hundred or so, covering everything from genuinely fine cinema to punishing trials of endurance. Seen in the proper context, Resident Evil is really not that bad of a zombie movie. Yes, it is dumb. Yes, it is as subtle as a hammer to the face. The direction uses way too many pointless slow-motion shots, exaggerated action bullshit and cheesy effects sequences such as the laser grid. But it is a video game movie, after all –  turn your brain down to “simmer,” and this is a pretty damn fun movie. And it’s got Milla Jovovich looking hot and kicking ass. It doesn’t follow the plot of the games, but considering the convoluted melodrama and half-baked insanity of the games, is that really such a bad thing?

Next up is Plan 9 from Outer Space, sometimes called the worst movie ever made. We’ll see — I’ve seen some prettty god damn terrible movies in my time.

Deadlines: News roundup 6/12/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 12 - 2009


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… Bookmark the home page or add the feed to your RSS for your daily dose of walking dead. Got news tips? E-mail me at cory.casciato[AT]

Been a while since any news came out on Zombieland (the Woody Harrelson zom-com) but Ain’t It Cool News has some hi-res pics for you (and supposedly an interview with director Ruben Fleischer coming this weekend). They look good. Not great, but good. (AICN)

Your iPhone will let you shoot demons and zombies when Doom Resurrection — an on-rails version of the popular shooter franchise — is released later this month. IGN has a preview. (IGN)

The Wii rail-shooter entry in the Resident Evil franchise — Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles — is coming along nicely, says this preview. (Kotaku)

Check your knowledge of zombie film with this quiz from AMC-TV (I got 100 percent, but had to guess at one answer). (AMC-TV)

ZMMM Dailies: 6/11/2009 – The Walking Dead

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 12 - 2009

karloff-walkingdeadI said yesterday we were hoping to class things up with The Walking Dead, and you know what? We totally did — or rather, Boris Karloff did. The man has gravitas. The movie itself, while it didn’t conform to many tenets of what one might expect from a zombie movie, was well made and fairly entertaining for a 1936 movie, but Karloff is why it is special. He has a real presence, and he lends this odd tale of a man returned from the dead to witness supernatural revenge befall his murderers (they frame him for a murder and get him executed). His accusing stare and the way his eyes communicate remorse and sadness as he witnesses each death are brilliant. Note I say witness — this isn’t really a revenge tale, because he has little or nothing to do with any of them dying, and as I said, he looks genuinely sad when they die (although he seems plenty angry beforehand). So far, the pre-’60s selections have been awesome. We’ll see if that trend continues when Plan 9 from Outer Space gets its turn.

Tomorrow night we watch Resident Evil and I see if it is as crappy as I remember, or if I overlooked something the first time through.

Deadlines: News roundup 6/11/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 11 - 2009


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… Bookmark the home page or add the feed to your RSS for your daily dose of walking dead. Got news tips? E-mail me at cory.casciato[AT]

David Hayter — who did the screenplays of Watchmen and X-Men — is tackling the screenplay for the film adaptation of zombie comic Deadworld, which focuses on the zombies as protagonists for a change. Could be cool… (Variety)

Take a break from speculating about and looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2 to appreciate the fine interaction in Left 4 Dead via this insightful analysis of the complex interplay of the game’s zombies. (Gamasutra)

If you prefer your zombie-shooting games as top-down, twin-stick shooters a la Robotron, check out this preview of Zombie Apocalypse. (Kotaku)

Take a trip to Pittsburgh and check out some of the locations Dawn of the Dead was shot with “Horror’s Hallowed Grounds,” a photo essay series. (Bloody Disgusting)

ZMMM Dailies: 6/10/2009 – Redneck Zombies

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 11 - 2009

zombaby-redneckzombiesI think the argument can be made that no zombie movie marathon would be complete without at least one cheap, shitty, shot-on-video bomb in the mix. Well, Redneck Zombies is that cheap, shitty, shot-on-video bomb. It’s the usual Troma formula – lots of cheap, goofy gore effects, terrible acting and offensive jokes thrown about haphazardly. Every offensive stereotype you can imagine is in here: it’s an equal opportunity offender. Gays, blacks, rednecks and even upper-class white folk get a few digs, all beyond the pale of good taste. The gore is unbelievably crappy but still kind of gross, the story is more or less irrelevant and almost nonexistent and the pacing is measured in geological time. In other words, it stinks. There was a really cute zombie baby, though. I’ve included that picture so you needn’t watch the actual movie.

Tomorrow we attempt to class the joint up with the 1936 Boris Karloff gangster/zombie flick The Walking Dead.

Deadlines: News roundup 6/10/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 10 - 2009


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… Bookmark the home page or add the feed to your RSS for your daily dose of walking dead. Got news tips? E-mail me at cory.casciato[AT]

The creators of Left 4 Dead have responded to the fan boycott of Left 4 Dead 2 — basically, they say “Don’t sweat, fans. We still love you and the original game. We won’t leave you hanging.” How will the boycotters respond? (Kotaku)

The ’80s space-monster zombie classic Night of the Creeps is not available on DVD yet (soon, though) but you don’t have to wait. You can watch it now on FEARNet. (FEARNet)

A new image from REC 2 was released and to go along with it, Bloody Disgusting pulled a weird image off the trailer. Rumors abound that the sequel has jumped the proverbial shark — maybe the image is a shark? (Bloody Disgusting)

More zombie toys from Fearwerx. This time, we get a zombie in scrubs (but it is not Zach Braff, unfortunately). (Dread Central)

In Portland, Oregon on June 11? Love Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? You can meet the author, you lucky dog. (Geek in the City)

ZMMM Dailies: 6/9/2009 – Mutant

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 10 - 2009

mutantI can’t believe I have never seen Mutant. Not because it is good, or some kind of lost classic or anything of the sort. It’s not — it’s terrible. But it came out in 1984 and it’s exactly the sort of movie that they used to run on late night cable in the mid-to-late ’80s, a time when I would regularly stay up all night and watch all manner of shit movies on TV. How did I miss this then? And because it is so strongly reminiscent of so many fond memories of that time, I definitely enjoyed it far more than it deserved. It’s got Wings Hauser, some zombie-mutant-vampire hybrid things, rednecks, toxic waste and a drunken small-town sheriff. The cast is all B and C list talent or below, the acting is laughably bad, the writing, direction and effects are all ridiculous. It’s prime MST3K material, honestly. Yet in some strange way I loved it.

By the way, that cover there, to the left? Far better than this movie deserves. It deserves something lurid and stupid, like the movie itself.

Tomorrow we move on to the legendarily bad Troma feature Redneck Zombies. I have no real love for Troma’s style (except for Sgt. Kabuki Man NYPD, which I inexplicably loved), so I expect this to be mildly to moderately painful.

Also, the first Film Club paritcipant has weighed in on one of our selections. Check out Zombies’ Summer review of Dead Set. And kids, if you watch the movies I watch and write about them, I will link to you in a ZMMM daily, too! And again at the end in my wrap up! Fun!

Deadlines: News roundup 6/9/09

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 9 - 2009


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… Bookmark the home page or add the feed to your RSS for your daily dose of walking dead. Got news tips? E-mail me at cory.casciato[AT]

The world has long needed an arthouse zombie flick about a zombie art movement that’s only inspired by past artists and at long last it is coming. It’s to be called Isle of the Dead and there’s a Bryan Adams zombie singalong, so my life is pretty much complete. Details here. (New York Magazine)

As long as we’re on surreal juxtapositions of zombies, the mainstream and the art world, how about a nice, long feature about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies running in an English-language Abu Dhabi newspaper? (The National)

Yesterday’s news post made note of a boycott of Left 4 Dead 2 by angry fans, today here’s an op-ed dismissing the boycotters as a bunch of whiners. (Cinema Blend)

In other gaming news, there’s a preview for PSP zombie-tossing game Undead Knights. (Kotaku)

Have a gander at this synopsis: “The year is…’80s future’. The world is in shambles. A bitter and desolate place. The zombie apocalypse has been devouring the world for nearly 7 years. Now, the powers that be think the suffering should end – so the ultimate weapon is sent to earth. The Zombie Christ.” It’s called The Zombie Christ and it’s a tribute to the experience of watching shitty movies on VHS tapes back in the day. A few more details can be had here and the trailer is embedded after the break. (Quiet Earth)

Have you heard of Edges of Darkness? Me neither! It’s some kind of anthology horror series set against a zombie apocalypse. It’s hit the UK and now it is headed to Japan. There’s a trailer embedded after the break. (Dread Central) have a small gallery of stills from Deader Country, another indie zombie movie. This one is about an alien-human hybrid zombie and some kids who find it.  (

Another trailer for Doghouse? Really? This one is unrated (and embedded after the break, naturally), but for fuck’s sake, let’s just have the movie already… (yeah, I know, June 12 in UK) (

I think I mentioned before that I am over the whole “add zombies to classic lit” mashup subgenre, so pardon my yawn at Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead. Feel free to get excited if you aren’t similarly jaded, I won’t hold it against you. (Zombie Command)

Read the rest of this entry »

ZMMM Dailies: 6/8/2009 – Pet Sematary

Posted by Cory Casciato On June - 9 - 2009

Gage wants to play

I almost can’t believe how bad Pet Sematary actually was. The direction was ham fisted, the writing was trash and the acting was bad — like cover-your-eyes bad. Even the usually reliable Fred Gwynne was crap here — I suspect the awful script didn’t help. When the best acting is delivered by the three-year-old playing an evil, re-animated corpse, your movie has issues. Predictable, cheap and full of unsympathetic characters, there isn’t a lot to like here — at least until Gage comes back and starts “playing” with everyone. The effects shot where Gwynne’s character gets his achilles tendon severed is famous, and rightfully so, for its visceral effectiveness. If you could muster up any emotional connection to the character, it would have been even better. It is a testament to how watchable decent production values can make even a terrible movie, but that’s a slight endorsement.

Tomorrow night, Wings Hauser in Mutant.




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