ZMMM 7 Continues: Volume 5

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 24 - 2014
The Living Dead Girl showing the proper amount of enthusiasm for this batch of films.

The Living Dead Girl showing the proper amount of enthusiasm for this batch of films.

Shit, it’s been a while. I keep having other things to do and the update keeps getting pushed back, but here, at last, the latest batch of movies.

The Dead Matter
Vampires and witches and zombies, oh my! This is an ambitious little indie about a group of friends who accidentally unleash some zombie hell when they find a magical locket sought by a vampire and use it during a seance. There’s also a vampire hunter and a rivalry between vampires. There’s a lot going on, and not all of it meshes well, but kudos to the filmmakers for a bit of ambition! Also, Tom Savini is in this, hamming it up as one a vampire drug kingpin. Parts of this work really well, much of it less so, but overall it’s worth a look. That whole “DEATH IS THE ANSWER! DEATH IS THE ANSWER! DEATH IS THE ANSWER! DEATH IS THE ANSWER! DEATH IS THE ANSWER! DEATH IS THE ANSWER!” thing was surprisingly creepy.

The Living Dead Girl
This is one of those movies that really makes you look at those hard-and-fast definitions of “zombie”, which is probably its sole saving grace. The plot concerns a dead girl brought back to life via toxic waste. She has a hunger for the blood of the living, not the flesh, but she’s no vampire. She also looks as alive as anyone, despite being dead for more than a year, and even retains her personality and conscience, once her old best friend meets up with her and helps her remember. So is that a zombie? Not in the Romero sense, for sure, but a reanimated corpse hungry for the living is pretty zombielike, right? Anyway, the film is dull as fuck, but it does have some gratuitous nudity if that does it for you.

Swamp Zombies!!!
Anyone can make a zombie movie, and here’s proof! There’s a porn star slumming as a “real” actress and a bunch of stupidity and some zombies in a swamp. The zombies got there when a medical researcher dumps them in response to a surprise inspection. They come back to life and start eating people. It’s all very dull, but they get their mileage out of that porn star with a long, salacious shower scene. Pretty sleazy and not all that interesting, but maybe inspirational if you always wanted to make a shitty zombie movie starring a porn actress! I mean, if these guys did it, how hard can it be?

Night of the Day of the Dawn…
The full title of this is actually Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2 and that is by far the most interesting thing about it. It’s little more than a redubbing of the original Night of the Living Dead, replacing the original audio with some idiot doing stupid voices and spewing misogyny, racism and homophobia spiked with juvenile toilet humor. Then, every once in a while, they break for something stupid. Ugh. So awful. I would really like my time back, please…

Johnny Sunshine
In the zombie apocalyptic future, porn and murder have become one, and the titular Johnny Sunshine is the world’s most popular porn star/murderer. Also, sometimes she chops up zombies with power tools for people’s amusement. Okay, this film has a couple things going for it. First, it’s shockingly stylish as far as the credits and interstitial graphics go. Second, it has a lot of ideas crammed in there. On the downside, the ideas are all repulsive, and so is the film. It’s about ten minutes of story padded to eighty minutes of movie with lots of lingering, pron style visual sequences. You get lots of rape and torture and gratuitous nudity and goth kids showing off their wardrobes. It would be even more repulsive if they didn’t manage to make it all so dull. And boy, is it dull. Hilariously, the sets appear to be two generic apartment living rooms/main rooms and one garage, all barely “decorated,” making it completely obvious what you’re looking at. The main character reminded me a bit of my first ex-wife, though.

Living Dead Lock Up
Did I say anyone can make a zombie movie? This movie is evidence that actually, maybe not everyone can. I mean, it is a zombie movie. It does exist. But holy shit is it a mess. It looks like the kind of thing you’d turn in as an assignment in a high-school videography class and get a C- on. Blurry, incoherent and just plain dumb, this is the absolute bare minimum you can even halfway call a movie. Also, it apparently has not one, but two sequels. God save us all. (Oh, it’s about a guy who goes to prison, then zombies. Like that matters.)

EDIT 10/28/14: Had to finish a sentence I somehow chopped off in the Johnny Sunshine blurb. Derp.

ZMMM Volume 6 progress report part VI

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 21 - 2013
The Battery

The Battery

The last three days were about as good as zombie movie marathoning get. Two nice surprises and a visit from an old friend that had been nearly forgotten. It’s little runs like this that make it all worthwhile. Well, that and the disembowelments. On to the films!

The Battery

If you read much horror criticism and coverage, someone has probably already told you how good this film is. They aren’t kidding. This is an indie zombie apocalypse film done right. It’s small scale, very personal and quiet, as far as zombie movies go. It’s also almost entirely character driven, and the two characters are both believable people. It deals with the big issues that The Walking Dead TV series tries (and largely fails) to address — what it’s like to be stuck with people you have little in common with, how the end of the world affects you, trying to retain your humanity in the chaos — with heart and humor. It looks good, it doesn’t rip anyone off (apart from the obvious Romeroisms common to nearly all zombie movies), and it’s entertaining.

Plotwise, it’s about two guys on the road, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. One is very matter of fact about it all, the other is kind of in denial. Things happen. That’s all you need to know really. Just see it. If you care enough about zombies to read this website, even casually, you will like — if not love — this movie. It’s fucking great. Oh, and you can get it direct from the filmmakers for $5. $5! That’s less than a fancy ass latte, so just do it.

Night of the Creeps

How did I forget how sweet this movie is? How have I never watched it as part of my zombie movie marathon month? I don’t know the answer to either of these questions, but they are both resolved now. Alien parasites use animated corpses to breed and spread, college kids and a slightly homicidal police detective (captain?) have to deal with it. It’s set in 1987 (with a bonus flashback to 1959), so you get some sweet ’80s-isms. There’s a little romance. I just noticed I’ve never written a proper review for this one, either, so that’s another thing I need to rectify soon.

Birth of the Living Dead

This is not a movie about zombie babies, as sweet as that would be. Instead, it’s a documentary on the making and impact of Night of the Living Dead. At its center is a long, in-depth interview with George A. Romero, which is great. No one else from the film is really interviewed though, which is less great. It’s a must see for fans of the original, or of Romero in general, or fans of the zombie genre (NotLD is patient zero for the modern zombie, after all). It could be a little more well rounded, but that’s just quibbling. It’s an entertaining and informative doc for any fan of the the undead. I quite enjoyed it.

ZMMM Volume 6 progress report part II

Posted by Cory Casciato On October - 8 - 2013
Ken Foree is Peter in Dawn of the Dead

Ken Foree is Peter in Dawn of the Dead

Four more days, four more movies! Without further ado…

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

I got to watch the original Dawn of the Dead  in a theater, with an audience, for the first time ever! It was sweet. You notice the funny stuff more with a hundred and fifty people there to laugh when they hit. Before the show there was a good Q&A with Tom Savini and Ken Foree. Mostly standard stuff, but they told a funny story about the shooting. Seems that the Brown Derby bar in the mall stayed open until 2 a.m., so zombies would go in there and drink. One night, two of the zombies got loaded, “borrowed” a golf cart, and ran it into a column, causing about $7,000 worth of damage. Funny stuff. Oh, and I interviewed Ken Foree, too.

Also, Dawn of the Dead is never not fantastic.


So, yeah, they make zombie movies for kids now. Wild, huh? I am not a big kids’ movie fan, despite having kids, so I wasn’t too sure about this one. That said, I do feel it is a sacred duty to see all the zombie movies, so… The thing is, this was pretty entertaining. It’s about a kid who sees and talks to dead people, and the obligatory kids’ movie message is about accepting people different than you for who they are, which a freak like me can get behind easily. Nice stop motion animation, too. You could do a lot worse for your kids’ “My First Zombie Movie.”


Since there are two kids’ zombie movies out, I figured I might as well just knock them out back to back (also, I’d watched two previously seen films back-to-back for logistical reasons, so this seemed like a good way to get two new ones out). This one is barely a zombie movie. More like a monster movie with one sort-of zombie in it. Still, kid resurrects a dead dog, that’s a zombie dog, right? It was just okay, I thought, but my wife liked it. She’s a Tim Burton fan, I am not, so that probably explains it.

When it was over, my wife leaned over and asked, “So, is Frankenstein a zombie movie?” to which I could only reply, “That is an excellent question that I have been meaning to address.” And I do mean to address it someday, but it is a deep topic, so I don’t have time to go into it now. Let’s just say “Sort of” and move on, shall we?

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Last time I watched the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead I quite liked it. This time… well, less so. The zombies didn’t look as good as I recall (spoiled by The Walking Dead‘s zombies, I guess) and the acting was way worse. The writing too. It’s like half as smart as the original, which makes it pretty dumb. It was still a decent watch, and it belongs at the top of the middle, mediocre third of zombie movies, but that’s as good as I can do right now. I still think Savini should have gotten a shot to direct again, but I guess I can see why no one was too eager to hire him.

That brings us up to speed. Pretty sure tonight I am going to brave the depths of awful presented by Beyond Re-Animator. I’d like to believe it will be good, but Bride of Re-Animator was the worst piece of shit, so my expectations are basement level.

An interview with George A. Romero

Posted by Cory Casciato On November - 7 - 2012
George A. Romero

Photo by nicolas genin

George A. Romero. The father of the modern zombie. Arguably the most influential filmmaker in the horror genre. Legend. Icon.

And, as it turns out, a pretty nice guy.

When I first launched this site, one of the biggest things I hoped it would eventually lead to was a chance to talk to George A. Romero (my very first post was a happy birthday message to him!). This past weekend, it did and I got 20 minutes with the man himself. It wasn’t long, certainly, but it was still pretty fucking great. We talked about The Walking Dead, video games, what he’s working on and lots more. I’m sure I don’t have to sell you on reading this — if you’re reading this site, you love zombies. If you love zombies, you’re going to want to read this. So onward…

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Deadlines: News roundup 02/07/12

Posted by Johnathon Brock On February - 7 - 2012


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… News post by Johnathon Brock and Cory Casciato. Got news tips? E-mail them to cory.casciato[AT] Bookmark the home page or add the RSS feed to your reader for your daily dose of walking dead.

Here’s a nice in depth write up of the indie zombie bromantic comedy DeadHeads which hits DVD February 22. (Canberra Times)

Bill Hinzman, the first zombie to appear in the Romero classic Night of the Living Dead, passed away this past week at the age of 76. I mean this in the most respectful way that I hope he rises from the grave to come and get us all. (We Are Movie Geeks)

Every now and then a trailer comes along that makes us here at the IZA remember why we love zombie movies. Osombie is a movie about the re-animated corpse of Osama Bin Laden and the mission wherein a group of military operatives go to kill him, again. Check it out after the break and get ready for what will be an amazing ride. (First Showing)

It looks like the fine folks over at Machinima have teamed up with Lionsgate and FEARnet to bring season two of Bite Me, the zombie webseries, back to life. (c21 media)

It looks like Tom Savini is really pushing to play the coveted role of The Governor when the role inevitably emerges on The Walking Dead, but he might have some stiff competition ahead of him. Personally I’m hoping he gets the role. (MTV)

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Deadlines: News roundup 12/20/11

Posted by Johnathon Brock On December - 20 - 2011


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… News post by Johnathon Brock and Cory Casciato. Got news tips? E-mail them to cory.casciato[AT] Bookmark the home page or add the RSS feed to your reader for your daily dose of walking dead.

It looks like the fine folks behind the REC franchise have licensed their property to the video game world but not in a way we’d hope for. The first REC game which will be a first person shooter will debut next year on the smart phone (android, iOS) devices for about $3. (Bloody Disgusting)

You’ve probably seen this movie across all the torrent sites perfectly legal streaming movie services in the past year or so, but indie UK hit Zombie Driftwood is still looking for US distribution. Check out the trailer after the break. (Dread Central)

After the break, check out the teaser trailer for Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection which aims to be a “companion piece” to the original classic film rather than an attempt at a reboot or sequel. (Dread Central)

David Fincher drops a short comment this week that The Goon movie is still in his caring arms and will hopefully find some money next year. For those that missed it, you can see the test trailer after the break. (Dread Central)

The entire 9 minute Left 4 Dead fan film is now online and you should drop everything you’re doing and check it out below. (Kotaku)

We’ve got some fresh screen caps from Nazis at the Center of the Earth and I think this is shaping up to be a fine, fine historical look at post World War 2 developments. (Dread Central)

Here’s some impressive screenshots and a new trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City which will hopefully hit shelves early next year. (Buy Zombie)

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Deadlines: News roundup 12/15/11

Posted by Johnathon Brock On December - 15 - 2011


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… News post by Johnathon Brock and Cory Casciato. Got news tips? E-mail them to cory.casciato[AT] Bookmark the home page or add the RSS feed to your reader for your daily dose of walking dead.

Zombie Godfather George A. Romero sent in his personal letter of support to the fundraiser to save the iconic location used during the filming of Night of the Living Dead. It’s good to see the original creator support what I feel is a worthwhile cause. (The Republic)

Every other piece of news I have today is a video, and you can catch them all after the break.

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Deadlines: News roundup 11/29/11

Posted by Johnathon Brock On November - 29 - 2011


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… News post by Johnathon Brock and Cory Casciato. Got news tips? E-mail them to cory.casciato[AT] Bookmark the home page or add the RSS feed to your reader for your daily dose of walking dead.

After seeing the tragic mid season finale of The Walking Dead this past Sunday, you’ll want to read this adorable interview with Chandler Riggs about his experiences on the set this season. (Buy Zombie)

The iconic chapel set against the graveyard that set the tone for the classic film Night of the Living Dead is about to be demolished if a former sound engineer on the film fails to raise enough money to have it restored. (The Sacramento Bee)

We don’t usually re-post certain types of articles, but this amazing piece on losing weight and eating healthy based on tips from this season of The Walking Dead was just begging to be shared with all undead fans everywhere. (Shape)

It looks like that sweet knife set that Carl found during episode one of The Walking Dead will now be an official (although limited edition) apocalypse survival kit by the folks over at Gerber Knives. It comes with a hefty price tag, but can you afford not to pay it? (Digital Trends)

Speaking of surviving the long term zombie apocalypse, these new decades lasting light bulbs from Samsung will certainly keep things bright in your darkest hours, provided you’ve got access to a generator or some solar panels I guess. (Engadget)

I didn’t think anything would top last year’s winner of the Zombie Safe House competition open to designers from all over, but this years winner really made me wish that the Vagabond portable zombie safe house was a real thing. If nothing else it would make for some awesome camping trips. (Zombie Safe House)

Deadlines: News roundup 07/12/11

Posted by Johnathon Brock On July - 12 - 2011


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… News post by Johnathon Brock and Cory Casciato. Got news tips? E-mail them to cory.casciato[AT] Bookmark the home page or add the RSS feed to your reader for your daily dose of walking dead.

So if you follow Bruce Campbell on twitter (and you should, he’s @GroovyBruce) then you know that earlier today he confirmed Evil Dead 4 is happening. That’s breaking news folks and hopefully you heard it here first.

Also we’ve got some details on Evil Dead 4. It’s going to be a quasi remake (in the vein of Evil Dead 2 hopefully) and will NOT be directed by Sam Raimi, but it is being directed by someone whom he (or at least his studio) trusts. (Quiet Earth)

When EA bought PopCap Games recently, the loveable zombies from Plants vs Zombies decided to send a note to their newest zombie victims. (Kotaku)

The woman who will be directing episode one of the new season of The Walking Dead answers a few questions. (Dread Central)

San Diego Comic Con, which is most undoubtedly the best comic con, will be the debut show for the new Walking Dead board game. (Bleeding Cool)

For those wondering if their old busted down pc from 2008 can run Dead Island, well you’re in luck, it probably can. Check out these system requirements just to make sure though. (Device Mag)

Learn how to rip content from Youtube to your hard drive by legally downloading Night of the Living Dead (it’s public domain armchair attorneys) and enjoying the show. (Information Week)

If you’re like me, you want to be really, really prepared for the zombie apocalypse. So why don’t you follow this guy’s move and build the ultimate zombie Armageddon survival shotgun so that you’re never worried about anything except running out of ammo. (The Art of Manliness)


Deadlines: News roundup 04/14/11

Posted by Johnathon Brock On April - 14 - 2011


A daily roundup of all the undead news that shambles into view… News post by Johnathon Brock and Cory Casciato. Got news tips? E-mail them to cory.casciato[AT] Bookmark the home page or add the RSS feed to your reader for your daily dose of walking dead.

Bruce Cambpell, during a recent Q&A on Reddit, answered a few questions about the future of the Evil Dead franchise. (Dread Central)

Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane on The Walking Dead, gave a pretty funny interview about everything from his previous films that were fairly horrible, to Andrew Lincoln’s (Rick) Southern American accent. (Metro UK)

After the break, check out the trailer for Rammbock, a slightly generic but interesting looking German zombie movie. (The Film Pilgrim)

Also we’ve got the trailer for Night of the Living Dead 3d: Re-Animation, which has a ridiculously long title, and is yet another in a long line of movies to try and capitalize on the open source Night of the Living Dead copyright name. Meh. (28 Days Later Analysis)

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